prepare for

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prepare for

1. To do or acquire what is necessary to be ready for something. We're currently gathering all the necessary documents as we prepare for our end-of-year audit. I've been preparing for the Olympics for the last four years. The East Coast is preparing for one of the worst storms of the last century.
2. To make someone or something ready for some particular action or event. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prepare" and "for." We're preparing our team for the big championship game this weekend. We'll need to prepare the building for the inspection.
3. To get together or in order the things needed to make or do something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prepare" and "for." Have you finished preparing the ingredients for the meal? Let's prepare the documents we'll need for the audit.
4. To get a room, house, or other lodging ready for someone's arrival. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prepare" and "for." We're preparing the guest room for my mother-in-law. Jack's coming on Friday, so I need to prepare the house for him.
5. To make someone mentally or emotionally prepared for something unpleasant or shocking. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "prepare" and "for." I want to prepare you for what this procedure entails. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to witness. She prepared herself for bad news.
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prepare someone or something for something

to get someone or something ready for something. I prepared her for her trip by going over her itinerary. I prepared the garden for planting.
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prepare someone for something

to build someone up for shocking news. I went in and had a talk with her to prepare her for the report. You should prepare yourself for the worst.
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He said, 'this is the media which keeps us aware of the happenings across the world and this awareness prepares us for challenges'.
He said: "It's important to take regular breaks to clear out the mind - it prepares us for a productive afternoon."
"The new property we're developing prepares us for expansion for another 10 years out," says Beauti-Tone General Manager Darrin Noble, "and it allows us to double our capacity." He adds that the company has enough land to accommodate further expansion in 10 years.
The amazing grace of God equips us for life and prepares us for death.
Moreover, Brundage's concluding appeal to pluralism rings hollow: "As long as white and black southerners do not succumb to nostalgia, do not idealize an exclusionary past, and no not presume the inherent virtue of their idealized historical identity, they may fashion a fully democratic civic culture, an accomplishment that generations of southerners have longed for." (343) Nothing in the book prepares us for such pollyanna-ish prognostication.
In the introduction, Seelig prepares us for what is to come--a refreshing and frank discussion of his sensible approach to vocal and choral development ("It is not a book on voice science.
God prepares us for Christ's incarnation, the people of God for ministry, and the cosmos for rebirth.
This prepares us for any kind of discipline--for a day that doesn't end at five and start at nine.
A sad episode -but one which prepares us for next week's finalfarewell.
It also prepares us for educated, intelligent debate when we reach the voting age.
"This on demand infrastructure agreement prepares us for an increasingly competitive marketplace by giving us flexibility to adjust rapidly to changing business needs."
The law of our members prepares us for the dominion of sin, and the law of the mind prepares us for the law of the spirit of life, which is, in fact, not a law, but a Person who acts according to law.
Each challenge we meet prepares us for the next stage of the journey, and there is a model.
For over two centuries, educational reformers such as Johann Pestalozzi, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, and Paolo Freire have called for an education that prepares us for democracy rather than authoritarianism and fosters ethical and caring relations.
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