prepare for

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prepare someone or something for something

to get someone or something ready for something. I prepared her for her trip by going over her itinerary. I prepared the garden for planting.
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prepare someone for something

to build someone up for shocking news. I went in and had a talk with her to prepare her for the report. You should prepare yourself for the worst.
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Another way the counselor could have helped me prepare for the work force was to help me find at least one person with a disability in the field to serve as a role model.
This commitment will reach the millions of shoppers who visit their local store each week and encourage them to take the necessary steps to prepare for an emergency.
KIHEI, Hawaii -- The Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) today announced its collaboration on a new technology that provides governments, local agencies, and public/private institutions with the ability to better plan and prepare for a wide variety of emergencies.
First Millennium states that their "Checklist" is "The Safest Way to Y2K" and can help everyone prepare for emergencies that might result from Y2K computer problems beginning 12AM on January 1, 2000.
ConAgra Refrigerated Prepared Foods quality assurance managers described their experiences with HACCP and provided step-by-step recommendations to attendees to help them prepare for the January implementation date.