prelude to

a prelude to (something)

An introductory event or action. The economic troubles of these companies were just a prelude to the global financial meltdown that would the following year. We regard these acts of aggression as a prelude to war.
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prelude to something

an act or event that comes before and signals another act or event. Her rudeness to her boss was a prelude to her resignation. The Munich Pact was a prelude to World War II.
See also: prelude
References in classic literature ?
Brilliant performance of prelude to the Judge's song in "Trial by Jury" by nervous Pianist.
Pianist, thereupon, starts prelude to the Admiral's song, and Harris, seizing what he considers to be a favourable opening in the music, begins.
The Communists turn their attention chiefly to Germany, because that country is on the eve of a bourgeois revolution that is bound to be carried out under more advanced conditions of European civilisation, and with a much more developed proletariat, than that of England was in the seventeenth, and of France in the eighteenth century, and because the bourgeois revolution in Germany will be but the prelude to an immediately following proletarian revolution.
Do you not know that all this is but the prelude to the actual strain which we have to learn?
In a few minutes he lifted his head, looked at me, and struck the first notes--the prelude to the song.
To be called into notice in such a manner, to hear that it was but the prelude to something so infinitely worse, to be told that she must do what was so impossible as to act; and then to have the charge of obstinacy and ingratitude follow it, enforced with such a hint at the dependence of her situation, had been too distressing at the time to make the remembrance when she was alone much less so, especially with the superadded dread of what the morrow might produce in continuation of the subject.
Prelude to a Dream is a new age solo piano album featuring eleven original songs by talented music artist Shoshana Michel.
Summary: Jumblatt warned that the release of three Army officers arrested over the killing of a prominent anti-Bashar Assad preacher might be a prelude to the freeing of former MP Michel Samaha,
At the same time, other unidentified people helped the driver of the Prelude to get out of the damaged car.
After all, she and Lucas have been a team of sorts since 1990, when she costarred with Alec Baldwin in Prelude to a Kiss and played the gay gang's girl-pal in the movie Longtime Companion (both directed by Rene).
Craig Lucas's Prelude to a Kiss, directed by Norman Rene, premieres at California's South Coast Repertory, the theatre that commissioned it.
MUSIC composed as a prelude to Ramon Kelvink's Millennium Eve tightrope walk between two Coventry church spires, can be heard again.
Critics continued to berate the policy as a prelude to land nationalization, however, and as an attack on all private property.
The program starts off with the First Act Prelude to Die Meistersinger, which I admit I found somewhat lugubrious.
Craig Lucas's Prelude to a Kiss has been the major Cinderella story of the past theater season, having opened downtown at Circle Rep to such raves that it was moved to the Helen Hayes, thus qualifying for, and getting, a Tony nomination as best play of the year.