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a prelude to (something)

An introductory event or action. The economic troubles of these companies were just a prelude to the global financial meltdown that would the following year. We regard these acts of aggression as a prelude to war. I'm so unbelievably tired today—I really hope this isn't a prelude to the flu or something.
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prelude to something

an act or event that comes before and signals another act or event. Her rudeness to her boss was a prelude to her resignation. The Munich Pact was a prelude to World War II.
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In "Let Go: The Prelude" Arek Zasowski portrays an adventurer archaeologist Henk, who, after losing his fiancee in an accident, is struggling to recover and return to his normal life.
Since its launch in July 2016, Prelude has made rapid progress in its first discovery program targeting Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5), a member of the arginine methyltransferase family.
Prelude is located on a "remote" gas field 475 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia.
"Rosebud, June 17, 1876: Prelude to the Little Big Horn" is a definitive account of this critical battle, from its antecedents in the Sioux campaign to its historic consequences.
( Express revealed the covers for the prelude comics, and they simply say "Avengers Prelude."
US-based Indo Money and Prelude Software have entered into a partnership.
Performance Series: 24 Preludes for Solo Piano, by Nathan Hall.
Along with previously named partners, Pacific Fertility Center of San Francisco, Reproductive Biology Associates of Atlanta, MyEggBank, a donor egg bank, and now the Vivere markets, which includes HFI of Houston, Prelude continues to execute its strategy of partnering with top-tier centres in the largest US metropolitan areas.
The Prelude was designed specifically to introduce new fans to our franchise, and give them an introduction to our legendary MyCAREER mode that puts the user at the center of an epic basketball story, said Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts.
Through its Newcastle base, GE Oil & Gas will produce four high-pressure, high-temperature dynamic flexible risers for Prelude, which is operated by Shell and is located 250km off the coast of Western Australia.
A review of Prelude to Prison: Student Perspectives on School Suspension by Marsha Weissman (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2015.
Drydocks World has completed the world's largest turret mooring system - part of a vast floating LNG facility for SBM Offshore, Technip and Shell at the Prelude gas field off northwest Australia.
Ils peuvent etre suivis d'un tushiya, prelude instrumental execute sur un rythme vif.
This innovative FLNG facility will be stationed by Shell at its Prelude gas field off the northwest coast of Australia, unlocking new essential energy resources offshore to meet growing demand.