prejudice against

prejudice (one) against (someone or something)

To cause one to have a prejudicial and unfavorable opinion of someone or something. Don't let one bad experience prejudice you against trying snowboarding again! You shouldn't let her former employers' reputation prejudice you against her—she would make a valuable addition to your team.
See also: prejudice

prejudice someone or something against someone or something

to turn someone or a group against someone or something. I believe that the lawyer was trying to prejudice the jury against the defendant. The discussion about how calves are raised prejudiced me against eating veal.
See also: prejudice
References in classic literature ?
But I understand editors have a prejudice against sad endings.
He rather enjoyed seeing his own prejudice against women grotesquely reflected in this flighty stranger's prejudice against men.
Apart from his prejudice against new-fangled surgery, I'm afraid he looks at the case from your point of view--don't do it, for Leslie's sake.
You are entirely wrong, sir," I said, "in supposing that I speak from any prejudice against Sir Percival Glyde.
With a strong prejudice against everything he might say, she began his account of what had happened at Netherfield.
Her prejudice against the minister had relaxed under his genial talk and presence, but feeling that Mrs.
My father had a strong prejudice against the Scotch nation.
It would be a poor thing to gratify a prejudice against him.
By slapping a travel ban on the nationals of seven - later six - Muslim countries during his early days in the office, Trump made his prejudice against Muslims clear.
There is a big difference between resentment and righteous indignation about what has happened to our country and people, and simple prejudice against the perpetrators who caused all the damage.
DISTURBINGLY high levels of prejudice against minority groups in Wales including refugees, Muslims and Eastern Europeans have been revealed in a newly published opinion survey.
The results - published on his blog by Professor Roger Scully of Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre - show 33% of people admit to some prejudice against refugees, 29% against people from Eastern Europe and 28% against Muslims.
This study aims to investigate whether there is sexual discrimination against women working in the tourism sector, whether women face inequality of opportunity, whether there is mobbing1 against them and any prejudice against women executives, and whether they are in a dilemma having enough time to spend between their domestic- and working life.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Muslims in Germany opened the doors of their mosques to non-Muslims with the hope of eliminating prejudice against Muslims and encouraging cultural exchange.
It has to do with longstanding prejudice against the Roma community that links Roma with criminality - particularly child abduction.