pregnant pause

pregnant pause

A long pause in speech that indicates a lot of meaning or significance. There was a pregnant pause when the topic changed to Grandpa's will, and everyone could tell that something shocking was about to be revealed. The most telling part of his speech was the pregnant pause before he denied any wrongdoing.
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a pregnant pause (or silence)

a pause or silence that is laden with meaning or significance.
See also: pause, pregnant

a pregnant ˈpause/ˈsilence

a pause/silence in which everyone is waiting or listening for something, or a moment of silence which is full of meaning: There was a pregnant pause while everyone waited to hear what she had to say.
See also: pause, pregnant, silence
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There followed a silence but it was clear from Cody's demeanour that this no pregnant pause.
Thus, despite the existence of a law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of pregnancy for about 20 years in Alberta, it is still a problem (Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association, "Is there a Pregnant Pause in Implementation of Alberta Human Rights Legislation?
There was a pregnant pause before Mac asked: "What other way can you do the splits?
This pregnant pause may prompt the employers to simply ask why you're hesitating, giving you a natural opening.
There was definitely a pregnant pause when shocked Birmingham patient Teresa Orr found out she was about to have a baby.
And for a Republican Party tangled in its own oppressive dogma, a pregnant pause could be a godsend.
8 OLIVER PAYNE AND NICK RELPH, COMMA, PREGNANT PAUSE, 2004 I finally had the chance to see this extraordinary work, which was commissioned by the 2004-2005 Carnegie International, when it was shown this past summer at China Art Objects Galleries in Los Angeles.
LEEDS UNITED'S move for Polish centre-half Jaroslav Bieniuk has been held up by a pregnant pause.
After she finished, there was a brief, pregnant pause as reporters and security officials looked at each other in befuddlement.
A pregnant pause is not bad at this point; it may cause the employer to rationalize the amount, and it will give you more time to think.
Whatever Joe's story lacked in clarity, it made up for in form: the building suspense, a pregnant pause, the climax.
PREGNANT PAUSE Nicole says she's too busy to have children
Maybe a pregnant pause is needed between the two programmes .
It's beautiful," she said after a pregnant pause, with a laugh and raised eyebrows.