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prefix (something) to (something else)

To attach a particular prefix to the beginning of a word. Confusingly, prefixing "in-" to "flammable" doesn't create a negative, which is what you would normally expect. You need to prefix something to it if you want to change it from a noun to a verb.
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prefix something to something

to place something at the beginning of a word or part of a word. If you prefix a re- to some verbs, you get an entirely different meaning. You can't prefix anything to some verbs.
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In that scheme, prefixes in the routing table are partitioned into two groups.
However, the prefixes can also have meanings of powers of [2.sup.10], that is powers of 1024.
A prefix numericalization function Nneeds to satisfy the following properties: (1) for any p, N (p) is a binary string; (2) for any two prefixes p and q, p = q if and only if N (p) = N (q).Given a prefix [b.sub.1][b.sub.2] ...
(6) These agreement prefixes are also called pronominal prefixes and mark agreement on other constituents in the noun phrase.
The CPUC has started the process to add the 858 area code to the areas now served by the 619 area code, as the 619 area code is expected to use up its available prefixes by March 2019.
Prefixes are the most predictable morphemes to work with, providing a consistent structure when designing vocabulary instruction (Ebbers & Denton, 2008).
Belaj's (2008) cog nitive linguistic study of Croatian prefixes does not include o(b)--.
house intitle:ebitda site:edu filetype:pdf One Google syntax difference between the two command types is that the in prefixes should be immediately followed by the word or phrase with no space after the colon.
For the reader, a stack is used as a prefix pool to hold prefixes. Firstly, a null string e is pushed onto the stack.
With the plethora of 0845, 0844 and other prefixes which have hit the market, 0800 numbers have held strong, allowing businesses to encourage incoming calls.
In an article in the last issue of this journal (Word Ways 44.1, February 2011), Anil uncovered a number of examples of pseudoantonyms in the realm of English negatory prefixes. A pseudoantonym consists of an affixed word and the corresponding unaffixed base which one would expect to be antonyms on the basis of the meaning of the affix, but which are instead synonyms (or near synonyms).
In the first step we will show that the minimal set of proper prefixes of words in the set of avoiding factors let us find a good partition of the set of valid words.
This volume, which is a substantial revision of its author's 2001 dissertation, 'The Deictic Foundations of the Sumerian Language," is the first book-length treatment of the so-called "conjugation prefixes" in Sumerian to be published to date, and one of only a few detailed scholarly investigations of a specific grammatical aspect of Sumerian to appear in recent years.
ISLAMABAD: The National Judicial Policy Making Committee (NJPMC) on Tuesday asked practicing lawyers not to use prefixes or suffixes such as Justice (r), former attorney or advocate general with their names.
The team found the same result when they familiarised the monkeys with words that had suffixes, then mixed in a few prefixes.