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prefix (something) to (something else)

To attach a particular prefix to the beginning of a word. Confusingly, prefixing "in-" to "flammable" doesn't create a negative, which is what you would normally expect. You need to prefix something to it if you want to change it from a noun to a verb.
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prefix something to something

to place something at the beginning of a word or part of a word. If you prefix a re- to some verbs, you get an entirely different meaning. You can't prefix anything to some verbs.
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While announcing the changes, Wangusi said that Mobile service providers Safaricom and Airtel have received a combined 5 million new numbers with the prefix 01xx for use by the consumer.
'Some political parties have used prefix 'Chowkidar' and I am not against that.
The number of memory entries to store a single prefix affects the update time.
Tomorrow's (Saturday) Fixture: Final (Prefix number denotes seeding)
A prefix family consists of w bits binary number [b.sub.1][b.sub.2] ...
Acting on his complaint, the home ministry last year wrote to the chief secretary of Maharashtra about the use of Padma awards and Bharat Ratna as prefixes in institutes in Pune and asked the state to look into the matter.
At the receiver this added part will be removed, the cyclic prefix length must be greater than the maximum delay spread produced by dispersion [t.sub.max], the main purpose of using CP is to provide robustness to the OFDM signal and to reduce the effect of ISI, the CP length Tcp should be chosen greater than the delay spread [DELTA]t to eliminates the ICI and ISI effects as shown in equation (1):
Both prefixes--the obligatory nominal class prefix and the non-obligatory pre-prefix--are exemplified in (1) below.
A very recent work [11] showed that a compact prefix tree can be used to solve APSP efficiently in terms of time and space.
In Study 1, we examined the effects of prefix instruction on word knowledge and the application of that knowledge in sentences with middle school students with disabilities.
For commodity and FD-ID indexes, series identifiers combine a "wpu" prefix (not seasonally adjusted) or a "wps" prefix (seasonally adjusted) with a commodity code.
The Bulgarian prefix o(b)--has not received much attention in research to date.
Most government lines have an 03 prefix and calls should cost just pennies.