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prefix (something) to (something else)

To attach a particular prefix to the beginning of a word. Confusingly, prefixing "in-" to "flammable" doesn't create a negative, which is what you would normally expect. You need to prefix something to it if you want to change it from a noun to a verb.
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prefix something to something

to place something at the beginning of a word or part of a word. If you prefix a re- to some verbs, you get an entirely different meaning. You can't prefix anything to some verbs.
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Where Tcp is the cyclic prefix and T data symbol length, the CP should not be larger than needed to minimize the SNR loss.
First, the Prefix Word Assessment (PWA) was used to measure participants' knowledge of known root words when a prefix is added to the word.
combine a "pdu" prefix and "#" between the fourth and fifth characters of the product code.
Besides, it is common that the bits in the IP prefix are definite, i.
I nevertheless analyze the semantic profile of na- in some similar verbs if the prefix semantically clearly relates to other usages of na- and if na- stands in a relation to other prefixes that can be added to the same root + infinitive combination (e.
The trigger is a word whose information is judged inadequate for the hearer's needs, usually because the information provided by the pronominal prefix is insufficient.
We would like to thank the TRA for granting us the new prefix code number, which is an essential addition for us to face the increasing demand for du's mobile services," said Farid Faraidooni, du's chief commercial officer.
On the other side of the prefix coin, 03 numbers have seen a boost in popularity, because they cost the same to call as a regular landline and are included in "free minutes" packages on mobile contracts.
For example, the prefix DE- has a primary meaning 'to do the opposite of' in examples such as ACTIVATE ~ DEACTIVATE, but not in FEND ~ DEFEND.
The idea, which was set out by Kroes on 6 December, would mean companies not having to use a national prefix and is designed to help companies develop their services across the EU.
073 will be the prefix of the fourth mobile operator in Macedonia.
A substring, prefix or suffix of a string is a subset of the characters in w, where the order of the elements is preserved.
Conversely, as Woods demonstrates, bad- is most common with clauses that are low in transitivity and where the focus is on the endpoint of the action rather than the agent, which would also account for why passive constructions, in which the agent is either deemphasized or omitted entirely, are typically expressed with this prefix.
Enter the prefix Y14-M- and the cell serial number (SN) in the PBUSE "Serial_Num" field (Example: Y14-M-12345).
com)-- Custom Toll Free, a national leader in search, marketing and provisioning of vanity toll free numbers, announced today that it has created a unique platform for reservation of the newly announced 855 prefix.