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give preference to (someone or something)

To prioritize someone or something above someone or something else. The recruiter was told to give preference to any alumni who apply for the job.
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in preference to (someone or something)

Rather than; desiring one person or thing over another. We've decided to go with a local lender in preference to an offshores entity. They're hiring Daniel in preference to Samantha because of the additional experience he has in the field.
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give (a) preference to (someone or something)

To treat someone or something with greater regard or in a more advantageous manner than someone or something else. The company was taken to court for giving a preference to employees who don't have children. The immigration department announced it will give preference to applicants who have already been in the country for more than 15 years.
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give (a) preference to somebody/something

treat somebody/something in a way that gives them an advantage over other people or things: Preference will be given to graduates of this university.

in preference to somebody/something

rather than somebody/something: She was chosen in preference to her sister.
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The Preference Shares have been cancelled and the Bank has requested a delisting of the Preference Shares from the Bermuda Stock Exchange and the Euro MTF market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, which it expects to be formalised imminently.
4 million in annual payments by Butterfield for Preference Share dividends and the guarantee fees payable to the Government of Bermuda, which will be accretive to earnings going forward.
The burden then shifts to the defendant to prove one or more of the preference defenses contained in Section 547(c).
This will bring transparency in raising of funds through non-convertible preference shares and create a market for these securities," says Subir Saha, executive vice president, ICICI Securities.
The primary ones are the following: Which kinds of preference models are of interest?
The goals of this study were to explore (1) the learning environment preferences of graduate students enrolled in traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and distance education classes, and (2) the students' perceptions of their distance learning environment during an online class.
States that have enacted versions of the Uniform Act typically have enacted a voidable preference provision that permits a receiver to avoid any pledge of assets made within a certain period (in some cases up to one year) prior to commencement of the receivership if the pledge was made with the intent of giving a preference and the creditor had reasonable cause to believe that the preference would occur.
A similar program for elite colleges could be a long way off; and until then, preference systems provide the best chance at offering poor kids a shot at top campuses.
An equal preference scheme is a more accurate representation of parental preference than a first preference scheme.
The behavioral critique of preference theory has different force against different uses across and within categories.
In ongoing work, he has been using tools from chaos theory to identify just which scenarios of voter preferences will give rise to disturbing election outcomes.
Recently, Hong and Milgram (2000) developed a theoretical model on homework motivation and preference based on numerous empirical studies (Hong, in press; Hong & Lee, 2000; Hong & Milgram, 1999; Hong, Milgram, & Perkins, 1995; Hong, Tomoff, et al.
For example, "With respect to the aspect 'length of training,' the following occupations are incompatible with your preference for a 2-year or 4-year college program: medicine, psychology, law.
Basic Concepts: preferences, preference profiles, the extent of interpersonal conflict, graphs of social welfare functions
In a statewide campaign, the preference cartel would give me no slack.