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give (a) preference to (someone or something)

To treat someone or something with greater regard or in a more advantageous manner than someone or something else. The company was taken to court for giving a preference to employees who don't have children. The immigration department announced it will give preference to applicants who have already been in the country for more than 15 years.
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give preference to (someone or something)

To prioritize someone or something above someone or something else. The recruiter was told to give preference to any alumni who apply for the job.
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in preference to (someone or something)

Over or instead of someone or something else. We chose to publish Mary's essay in preference to yours because hers dealt more explicitly with the topic we assigned. We've decided to go with a local credit union in preference to a big multinational bank.
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give (a) preference to somebody/something

treat somebody/something in a way that gives them an advantage over other people or things: Preference will be given to graduates of this university.

in preference to somebody/something

rather than somebody/something: She was chosen in preference to her sister.
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Regardless of what studies of actual childbearing may show, the current Gallup data show that the underlying attitudinal preference for a boy over a girl, although modest, continues to be a norm in U.S.
The researchers found that a higher BMI was correlated with greater evening preference (P = 0.019) and with late breakfast time (P = 0.053).
Overall there were 4.2 preferences for each place for children starting this September At King Edward VI Five Ways School, just 25 per cent of those who put the school as a first preference got a place, while it was 30 per cent at the University of Birmingham School.
It was even harder to get a place at the Royal School, Wolverhampton, in Wolverhampton, with 2.2 first preferences for every place offered, and just 41 per cent of those who put the school as their first choice getting a place.
Coventry's Sidney Stringer Academy was the hardest secondary to get into, with just 63% of those who put it as a first preference getting a place.
All shareholders of record of the Preference Shares as of 1 December 2016 were issued a make-whole redemption payment of USD1,180 per Preference Share on 15 December 2016, comprising the sum of the most recent dividend per Preference Share, the net present value of future dividend payments that would have been paid through 22 June 2019 and the USD1,000 liquidation preference on each Preference Share, discounted for present value.
The Offshore Preference Shares will have a par value of RMB100 but will be issued fully paid in U.S.
The burden then shifts to the defendant to prove one or more of the preference defenses contained in Section 547(c).
If we decide and do things "as a society" or "as a nation," then "we" must have some collective preferences that allow us to choose what to do.
"This will bring transparency in raising of funds through non-convertible preference shares and create a market for these securities," says Subir Saha, executive vice president, ICICI Securities.
To be sure, SWB surveys might be imperfect evidence of preference utility but still better evidence than other sources.
Including second and third preferences, there were 6.2 applications for each offered place, with three second preferences and one third preference getting a place.
Overall, the primary school was put down as a preference 561 times, with two second and one third preference being successful.
Release date- 06082019 - Northam shareholders ('shareholders') are referred to the announcement dated 1 November 2016 ('previous announcement') pertaining to the acquisition by Northam of 4 043 018 preference shares in Zambezi Platinum (RF) Limited ('Zambezi'), ('Zambezi preference shares') for a purchase consideration equal to the issue price plus accumulated preference share dividends ('face value').