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preface something by something

to begin something by saying, writing, or reading something. I would like to preface my prepared remarks by making a personal observation. Her remarks were prefaced by the reading of a poem.
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preface something with something

to begin something with a particular message. She prefaced her speech with a recitation of one of her favorite poems. Alice prefaced her remarks with a few personal comments.
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began to regularly write prefaces for a variety of writers, editors, and
Given the paucity of research in this area, this paper focuses on an analysis of paratexts, more specifically translator's prefaces in literary translations in the context of Malaysia.
Furthermore, and particularly in the case of canonical texts which already boast several translations, prefaces can draw attention to the unique relationship of each translator with a 'classic' text, and to the need and desire to try one's hand at molding it into another language.
Prefaces to academic textbooks, while providing an overview of the book, may also have a promotional purpose, an increasingly common phenomenon in the current professional climate (Bhatia 1997, 2004).
Prefaces to women's works in early modern England adopt a rhetoric designed to facilitate the printed book's entry into a potentially hostile literary market.
fueramus quinque libelli / tres sumus, 1-2), the Amores epigram does not relate an explicit rationale by which the poems could be read as a collection--at least not in the manner laid out in prefaces such as those in Statius's Silvae or the letters of Pliny the Younger.
Avertissements, prefaces et propos sur la poesie et la litterature.
The volume contains not only considerations of literary texts--the novels of Marivaux, Prevost, and Bernardin de Saint Pierre, as well as prefaces to translations of English novels--but also looks at the emergence and development of the scholarly preface.
The most extensive study in the volume is the final one, which examines in detail the prefaces to Robert Olivetan's 1535 French Bible, in particular the fourth preface, directed to the Jews.
A solid overview of plate tectonics prefaces the volume.
James would be their advocate and the prefaces the texts with which he would demonstrate his novels' worth.
Among the comments: the music for the preface dialog and the proper prefaces did not engage the kind of florid and climactic chant lines that would more properly highlight the introductory section of the Great Thanksgiving.
The aim of this article is to demonstrate how Scott showed the interplay between fact and fiction in prefaces to the first editions of his novels.
Sections 19 to 33 are on general principles for all translation; 34-45 give norms for translating Scripture and preparing lectionaries; 46-62 give norms for translating the non-scripture prayers, prefaces, etc.
Quinn devotes chapter three (certainly one of the book's most important, and most interesting, chapters) to an analysis of the prefaces to Safavid historical texts.