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preface something by something

to begin something by saying, writing, or reading something. I would like to preface my prepared remarks by making a personal observation. Her remarks were prefaced by the reading of a poem.
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This book begins with a useful preface by the editor, Maria Teresa Borgato.
Gable conjectures that a printer may have distorted the name of the composer cited in the preface by misreading van Collen's handwritten "Bonhomius" as "Bandovius.
This preface by Mark Twain is [c] 2001 by Richard A.
It includes a preface by Ernesto Cardenal and an epilogue by Gustavo Gutierrez.
Each collection--Waiting/or Food (1995) and Waiting for Food 2 (2000)--has a preface by Crumb, the first of these, quoted above, being brief, matter-of-fact, but friendly; it even ends with restaurant recommendations, "in case you are ever in Sauve.