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preface (something) by (doing something)

To do something as an introduction to something else. Often used in passive constructions. Let me preface this statement by first apologizing unreservedly for what has happened. She prefaced her speech by reading well wishes written friends and family from around who couldn't make it to the wedding. The ceremony was prefaced by a performance by the school choir.
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preface (something) with (doing something)

To recite something as an introduction to something else. Often used in passive constructions. Let me preface this statement with an unreserved apology for what has happened. We should always preface these board meetings with a reading of the previous meeting's minutes.
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preface something by something

to begin something by saying, writing, or reading something. I would like to preface my prepared remarks by making a personal observation. Her remarks were prefaced by the reading of a poem.
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preface something with something

to begin something with a particular message. She prefaced her speech with a recitation of one of her favorite poems. Alice prefaced her remarks with a few personal comments.
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One is a botched attempt at a traditional preface to a
Keywords: paratext, translated text, translator's preface, translator's note, visibility
This volume begins with acknowledgments (vii), a series editors preface (viii-xi), and preface to the volume (xii-xiii).
In an unusual move, the pope's comments were published as a preface to a new book by Daniel Pittet, a Swiss victim who was sexually abused for four years by a priest when he was a child.
Among the usually limited opportunities for translators to present their work and discuss its nuances, challenges, methods, and solutions, a translator's preface affords the rare luxury of displaying one's array of tools and, by establishing one's credentials, convincing readers of the legitimacy of specific translatorial choices.
Meanwhile, Saira Abdul Quddus D/o Abdul Quddus completed degree in the subject of Persian after approval of her thesis entitled Editing and Annotation of Dewane Meer Janallah Shah Razive with Preface about the Life and Works of the Poet and Evaluation of his Art and Thought.
With a new preface the author (a professor of English and American studies at Purdue University) updates his reappraisal of a critical moment in American cultural history to engage the reassessments of the politics of Richard Wright's critical reputation and a provocative reading of class struggle in Gwendolyn Brooks' A Street in Bronzeville (1945), and a look at the institutions that comprised Chicago's Black popular front such as the Chicago Defender, the period's leading Black newspaper; Negro Story, the first magazine devoted to publishing short stories by and about African Americans; and the WPA-sponsored South Side Community Art Center.
Contract award: dai sai 09/2014 framework agreement for services preface of static and dynamic stress tests on land bridges, including rental of trucks, signage, traffic control u.
This edition contains a new brief preface by the author, written in November 2012.
The Self-Promotion of Academic Textbooks in the Preface Section: A Genre Analysis
Spatially, formally, and historically, the preface occupies a unique role in the apparatus of authorship.
The reason is that the preface is the only source available to us which attests to the supposed existence of an earlier version of the Amores comprising a larger collection of poems arranged into a five-book format.
Lamartine is a virtuoso of the preface as a personal, reflective, autobiographical as well as theoretical genre.
MUSCAT: Writer who still cherishes the fond memories of his decade-long stay in the Sultanate of Oman, has chosen to mention the names of the country and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said in the preface of his book, which is set in his native state of West Bengal in India.
Preface to the preface: there is a white bone/contained in [this] thin tin sack: a pretender/a corpse/a red-washed bladder//a false Do you recognise?