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predispose (someone or something) to (something)

1. To make someone or something more inclined to some action in advance. Often used in passive constructions. Harvard's reputation for its law program predisposed him to go there after high school. I know Ruth is predisposed to do whatever her father suggests due to her overwhelming sense of loyalty to him.
2. To make someone or something more susceptible or liable to something. Often used in passive constructions. It's your mother's father who predisposes you to baldness, not your own father. My genetics predispose me to heart disease, so I take every precaution I can to avoid it. The economy was already predisposed to collapse due to the sudden removal of many regulations that kept it in balance.
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predispose someone or something to(ward) something

to make someone or something susceptible to something. Your comments will not predispose me toward a favorable treatment of your case. Do you think that this weather will predispose me to catching a cold?
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Biome hanics: Certain structural abnormalities and biomechanical errors can predispose a runner to Achilles tendinitis and rupture.
A novel result of these studies was that genes identified as contributors to drinking behavior in the tested populations were not the same as genes found to predispose to alcohol dependence.
Recurrent parotid insufflation can predispose the patient to recurrent parotitis and sialectasis.
That in turn might predispose a person to develop diabetes, she speculates.
Variations in the gene may predispose cats to weight problems, she suggests.
Rather, women with circulatory defects that predispose their blood vessels to become blocked face an elevated risk for both fetal loss and heart disease, the researchers hypothesize.--B.H.
The work represents "a good first step" toward finding human gene variations that predispose people to stomach cancer, says Karen M.
Summary: Washington D.C [U.S.A], May 17 (ANI): Fainting is not just caused by external factors, according to a recent study, which has identified the first gene that predisposes people to faint.
Men from India are more likely than those in other large ethnic groups to have a condition that predisposes them to type 2, or adult-onset, diabetes, a U.S.
(1) These authors hypothesize that the location of these primary tumors predisposes these patients to concentric scar formation.
Scientists at deCODE have reportedly isolated a gene which in one form predisposes to obesity and in another form predisposes to thinness.
How much of a leap is it to classify "persistent drug abusers" as suffering from a "mental abnormality" that predisposes them to commit "future acts of dangerousness"?
The disease is bilateral in 50% of cases, which suggests that some constitutional or systemic factor predisposes to its development.
When the presence of a concha bullosa predisposes a patient to occlusion of the ostiomeatal complex and subsequent sinus disease, surgery might be indicated.
This malignancy is associated with a mutation that leads to an inactivation of a tumor suppressor gene located on the long arm of chromosome 13 [5.6] A single chromosome defect predisposes the patient to retinoblastoma, but when a "second hit" affects the other allele, the suppressive function of the gene is lost.