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predicate something (up)on something

to base something on something. There is no need to predicate my promotion upon the effectiveness of my secretary! You can hardly predicate the picnic on the weather, can you?
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That is very clear in the AMLA which specifies all the predicate crimes.
But ang investigation can be triggered kung may predicate crime na involved,' he said.
According to them, the meaning of the predicate "is P" consists of a set of descriptions that an object must satisfy in order for it to count as P.
In the third scenario, a failure to renew holdover, with a rent stabilized unit where the owner has timely offered a renewal lease to the tenant and the tenant has not returned the renewal lease to the owner within the 60-day required time allotment, the owner is required to serve a predicate 15-day notice of termination.
The FDA reviews product submissions under this pathway to determine whether the product is substantially equivalent to a valid predicate product.
I doubt that many will be persuaded by this because any surrogate for a universal (for instance, a predicate, a class) will itself have properties and exhibit type/token phenomena, two points that bring a smile to realists.
The WSJ said in the report that newer devices have functions and features that, over time, get less connected or less identical to their predicate devices.
Thus, when a RICO claim depends on violations of a predicate statute that manifests an unmistakable congressional intent to apply extraterritorially, RICO will apply to extraterritorial conduct, too, but only to the extent that the predicate would.
The prepositional phrase complement, which introduces the third oblique argument, is typically introduced by the preposition to, although the preposition with is also possible with the predicate join (7).
It avoided the widespread and debilitating uncertainty of the predicate act approach and generally led to more generous limitations periods than the relief-requested approach.
The subject and the predicate in Votic" by Heinike Heinsoo provides valuable information on Votic syntax, which, since it is written in English, is available to a much wider linguistic audience.
3) In turn, the INSTRUMENT FOR ACTION metonymy would license categorial conversion of the noun hammer into a predicate in He hammered the nail into the wall (Kovecses and Radden, 1998).
The reference of a predicate is a concept, which is a function whose value is always a truth value.
A] is a set of intensional attitude predicate types.
of Arizona) began with the intention of analyzing just the morpho-syntactic properties of complex predicate constructions--causative and applicative--in three polysyntactic languages of the South Caucasus family.