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preclude (someone or something) from (something)

To prevent, exclude, or disallow someone or something from receiving, doing, or being involved in something. Often used in passive constructions. Your history with that company precludes you from consideration, I'm afraid. Clear opposition from the majority party in congress precludes the bill from ever succeeding. The team has been precluded from the Olympics due to allegations of substance abuse.
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preclude someone or something from something

to prevent someone or something from being included in something; to eliminate someone from something in advance. Your remarks do not preclude me from trying again, do they? These facts do not preclude my company from consideration, do they?
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94), and the 'last-hired-first-fired' employment practices in modern America heavily influenced and precluded equal participation in the workforce, and hence Social Security.
The leakage and soil pollution from operations in the future will be reduced or precluded due to the encasement.
The first phase of the trial was to determine the nature of the legal limitation involved and whether that limitation per se precluded application of section 482 under First Security Bank and its progeny.
The IRS held in TAM 8945003 that National Starch precluded the deductibility of the takeover defense expenses in question.
Two common situations where landlords argue that tenants should be precluded by reason of insufficient notices are concerning: (a) constructive eviction; and (b) exercise of renewal options.
Further, the appellants were not precluded from suing die firm because of their standing as third parties (as opposed to being actual clients).
Also, consider that throughout the Code and regulations, S corporations are taxed as individuals and specifically precluded from tax advantages afforded regular corporations.
95-4, Revenue Recognition on Equipment Sold and Subsequently Repurchased Subject to an Operating Lease, addresses whether a manufacturer is precluded from recognizing a sale of a product to a dealer if the customer subsequently enters into an operating lease with the manufacturer or its finance affiliate, which acquires that product subject to the lease.
Ohio 1993), the court held that the sistership exclusion precluded coverage for abatement costs in the context of lead pigment in paint.
1092(a)(1), a taxpayer with "offsetting positions" in "personal property" (i.e., a straddle) is precluded from recognizing, within a tax year, any loss realized on one "leg" of a transaction, unless that loss exceeds the unrecognized gain in the opposing position in the same tax year.
Garnac charged the auditors failed to comply with generally accepted accounting standards and alleged this failure precluded it from discovering and preventing the embezzlement.
In the past, taxpayers may have been precluded from making an automatic change; the old procedure contained a restriction that an automatic change could not be made if the company had requested to change or had changed from the LIFO inventory method within the past six tax years.
The court found that even if the detainee suffered all of the psychological and emotional injuries that he alleged, the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) precluded recovery against corrections officials under [section] 1983 because the detainee did not allege any physical injury.
97-24 provides that an employer is not precluded from offering to employees (other than 5% owners), who attain age 70k after 1995 and have not retired, an option to defer commencement of benefit distributions under a qualified plan merely because the plan has not yet been amended to provide for this option.