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preclude someone or something from something

to prevent someone or something from being included in something; to eliminate someone from something in advance. Your remarks do not preclude me from trying again, do they? These facts do not preclude my company from consideration, do they?
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Lady Greystoke never rode alone at any great distance from the bungalow, and the savage loyalty of the ferocious Waziri warriors who formed a great part of Tarzan's followers seemed to preclude the possibility of a successful attempt at forcible abduction, or of the bribery of the Waziri themselves.
The piece once cast, it must be bored with great precision, so as to preclude any possible windage.
By going one step farther back in thought, discordant opinions are reconciled by being seen to be two extremes of one principle, and we can never go so far back as to preclude a still higher vision.
Looking to the great difference between his station in life and hers, which seems to preclude all idea of the most distant relationship between them, it is of the last importance--even assuming that she really required to be placed under restraint--to know why HE should have been the person to assume the serious responsibility of shutting her up "
Fairlie regretted that the state of his health, on that particular morning, was such as to preclude all hope of his having the pleasure of receiving me.
Bob Sawyer had himself purchased the spirits at a wine vaults in High Street, and had returned home preceding the bearer thereof, to preclude the possibility of their delivery at the wrong house.
He thinks very differently of her from what he used to do; he does her some justice, but his reconciliation with her mother precludes every dearer hope.
The hymn must therefore be later than that date, though Terpander, according to Weir Smyth (16), may have only modified the scale of the lyre; yet while the burlesque character precludes an early date, this feature is far removed, as Allen and Sikes remark, from the silliness of the "Battle of the Frogs and Mice", so that a date in the earlier part of the sixth century is most probable.
No missile firings for fun: A group of Majlis deputies has signed a statement demanding that a batch of Iranian missiles be test-fired immediately to prove that the nuclear agreement with the Big Six doesn't preclude work on missiles.
15, it will preclude the specter of over the next year having the government to shut down," Hoyer said.
Supplementation with antioxidant vitamins C and E may preclude the health-promoting effects of exercise, a study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found.
which resulted in AME obtaining a settlement from Greenleaf for Preclude.
UNSC handling of Iran nuclear issue doesn't preclude talks: Bush
The court noted that even if a juvenile detainee had serious mental health problems before an employee allegedly inserted his finger into her vagina, that fact would not preclude a finding that any mental distress she experienced was caused by the employee, for the purposes of the Alabama tort of outrage.
The settlement is reportedly structured to preclude reimbursement either from directors and officers insurance or their former companies (or their bankrupt estates).