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preclude (someone or something) from (something)

To prevent, exclude, or disallow someone or something from receiving, doing, or being involved in something. Often used in passive constructions. Your history with that company precludes you from consideration, I'm afraid. Clear opposition from the majority party in congress precludes the bill from ever succeeding. The team has been precluded from the Olympics due to allegations of substance abuse.
See also: preclude

preclude someone or something from something

to prevent someone or something from being included in something; to eliminate someone from something in advance. Your remarks do not preclude me from trying again, do they? These facts do not preclude my company from consideration, do they?
See also: preclude
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No missile firings for fun: A group of Majlis deputies has signed a statement demanding that a batch of Iranian missiles be test-fired immediately to prove that the nuclear agreement with the Big Six doesn't preclude work on missiles.
15, it will preclude the specter of over the next year having the government to shut down," Hoyer said.
This does not preclude an occasional song in another language, and most certainly does not preclude "the language as you'll hear it in the real world".
Supplementation with antioxidant vitamins C and E may preclude the health-promoting effects of exercise, a study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found.
which resulted in AME obtaining a settlement from Greenleaf for Preclude.
UNSC handling of Iran nuclear issue doesn't preclude talks: Bush
for hundreds of thousands of Native Americans practicing their faith, it is difficult to see how those same findings alone can preclude any consideration of a similar exception for the 130 or so American members of the UDV who want to practice theirs," Roberts wrote.
The court noted that even if a juvenile detainee had serious mental health problems before an employee allegedly inserted his finger into her vagina, that fact would not preclude a finding that any mental distress she experienced was caused by the employee, for the purposes of the Alabama tort of outrage.
The settlement is reportedly structured to preclude reimbursement either from directors and officers insurance or their former companies (or their bankrupt estates).
In other words, any activity or assets at the partnership level preclude a termination for tax purposes.
355-2(b)(2) requires a corporate business purpose for a tax-free spinoff, stating that a shareholder purpose is not a corporate business purpose, but it may be so closely co-extensive to preclude any distinction between them.
Although the computer forensic team at Deloitte & Touche recovered many of the deleted draft expert reports, Trigon asked the judge to foreclose AGE from further communication with the experts or to preclude the experts from further participation in the trial.
Space considerations preclude anything but an overview, but following are examples of accomplishments in six categories that we track to monitor progress of our transformation process.
Because of our ability to know what commodities are in the distribution pipeline and provide the war fighter accurate reliable information on expected arrival dates, we were able to maximize surface delivery and preclude expensive costs associated with having to fly supplies into the theater.
This does not preclude the submission of a substantial revision of an application already reviewed, but such application must include an introduction addressing the previous critique.