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to be (more) precise

To be more accurate; to provide better or more correct details. You'll need to pay nearly $500 for various entry visas to get into the country—$485, to be precise. It seems like the political party is finally starting to gain some amount of clout in parliament, or, to be more precise, they have become less marginalized and disliked.
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to be (more) preˈcise

(also more preˈcisely) used to show that you are giving more detailed and accurate information about something you have just mentioned: The shelf is about a metre long — well, 98 cm, to be precise.The problem is due to discipline, or, more precisely, the lack of discipline, in schools.
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Precise Biometrics is a provider of solutions that prove people's identities through smart cards and fingerprint recognition.
Precise Biometrics won orders valued at SEK5m from the same customer in 2008.
Precise Software Solutions (Nasdaq:PRSE) headquartered in Westwood, MA, delivers Precise i3, a comprehensive solution for Application Performance Management that focuses directly on the end-user experience and delivers a rapid return on technology investments.
Precise Castings looked at the opportunity to expand its existing facility as well as the possibility of building a greenfield site.
Royalty revenues are based on actual sales of fingerprint sensors that utilise Precise BioMatch Mobile and cannot be forecast by Precise Biometrics at this point.
While the per unit license fee is volume dependent and cannot be forecasted by Precise Biometrics at this point, the company said it is currently projecting that some of the revenues generated under the agreement will be recognized starting from the fourth quarter of 2016.
Reportedly, Precise BioMatch Mobile is a leading algorithm solution for convenient and secure fingerprint recognition on smartphones and tablets.
Later product integration will include Precise Match-on-Card, Precise Biometrics' software for storing and matching fingerprints on smart cards.
Precise has enhanced the functionality of Precise/SQL with the launch of Precise/Crosspoint, developed exclusively for the HP Surestore XP disk array family.
6 years at the five-day-a-week schedule common to many custom molders, according to Precise Technology president John Weeks.
According to the company, Precise BioMatch Mobile is the industry's leading algorithm solution for convenient and secure fingerprint recognition in smartphones and tablets.
The strong market presence of Precise Biometrics fingerprint software makes them the perfect biometric authentication partner to bring our ultrasonic-based fingerprint solution to market.
Precise Biometrics AB (STO:PREC) announced on Friday that its algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has through cooperation Fingerprint Cards been deployed in a smartphone from a South Korean vendor.