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Precipitation: Sum of the precipitation from ten weather stations was compare, and there was no difference in precipitation detected for Mohe and Huma where they receive mean annual rainfall of 452mm and 473.53mm (Figure 5a) respectively (P a$?
In this study we compared the temperature and precipitation of three weather stations in northeast China including Mohe, Altai and Huma with seven weather stations in Western Siberia (Alesksandrovoskoe, Barnaul, Bolotnoe, Kalpasev, Kara Tjurek, Podkamennaja, Tarko ale) to evaluate the most suitable region (in northern China) for the introduction of Pinus sibirica on the basis of climatic similarities.
This method uses only precipitation data and calculates the timing of the rainy (or dry) season at the local scale (e.g., station or grid point) based on accumulate precipitation anomalies S from Eq.
where [P.sub.i] is the daily precipitation rate on day "i," "[bar.P]" is the long-term mean annual precipitation rate in mm [day.sup.1], and "[t.sub.0]" is the starting date for the calculations.
The main foci of this study are (i) the methodology development for phase estimation (ii) to improve average daily precipitation interpolation technique and (iii) to know the effect of the predictor variables on estimation of average daily precipitation (month wise, season wise and year wise) in tropical climate.
The state is affected by the North-eastern monsoon wind accompanied by heavy precipitation beginning early November and ends in March.
Precipitation is generated after water vapour condenses in the atmosphere, and precipitation intensity is governed by the availability of atmospheric water vapour.
Because previous studies mainly investigated the precipitation response, Gentine's team decided to examine the response of both precipitation and storm runoff extremes to naturally and anthropogenically driven changes in surface temperature and atmospheric moisture content.
June precipitation for Illinois has shown an upward trend and increased variability in recent decades.
Over the past century, annual precipitation in Illinois has increased by about 10 to 15 percent, depending on the location.
The annual average temperature is 6-14[degrees]C, and the average annual precipitation is 290-620 mm and is mainly concentrated in July-September.
Considering the equal distribution of rainfall stations and the integrity of data, this study used daily precipitation data collected from 301 selected rain gauge stations during the period from 1966 to 2016.
Simian Mountain and Jinyun Mountain in Chongqing were believed to be relatively clean in the sense of air pollution, but the average pH values of precipitation in the two areas were 4.3 and 4.8 in 1991-1992, respectively [11].
In the light of the important and sensitive location in the Three Gorges Reservoir, two-year precipitation samples were collected in urban Wanzhou and the major ions were analyzed.
Since we are going to discuss solid solution strengthening (hardening) and precipitation strengthening, it is advisable to define the two terms.