precedence over

precedence over (someone or something)

An existing priority over someone or something else. I'm afraid their project has precedence over yours because they are so much nearer to completion. Applicants with spouses or civil partners serving in the military will take precedence over all others.
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*precedence over someone or something

the right to come before someone or something else; greater importance than someone or something else. (*Typically: take ~; have ~; be given ~.) Ambulances have precedence over regular cars at intersections. My manager's concerns take precedence over mine.
See also: over, precedence
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THE World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has charged all Ahmadi Muslims to reflect upon their blessings and give their faith precedence over all other things.
'Priority in such cases must be given to the right type of preparation for any upcoming Pakistan tours as service to our country takes precedence over all other considerations.'
Indeed, such is their determination to stick with the philosophy that has reaped huge rewards recently, Morgan believes it currently takes precedence over results - for the time being.
Whether the light reading was the same as when the teams left the field on day two should never have taken precedence over a global TV audience and a sold-out Oval - and an exciting finish engineered by the sides.
Some would argue bowl-outs devalue the Sykes Cup, which should take precedence over other competitions and be played in full.
There is one statement in the article that needs further clarification - "in 2011 the government introduced a 'specific performance law' which grants a contract of sale precedence over any pre-existing mortgage."
Only about one in four Russians, for instance, are now prepared to sacrifice their own living standards for the sake of national greatness, and in one Levada Center poll only 12 percent said the state's interests take precedence over human rights.
Rebuilding took precedence over Halloween festivities in Key West after Hurricane Wilma slammed the city on October 24.
But as local cricket gurus will tell you club rivalries take precedence over anything else in the region - with residents of under-achieving villages bearing the taunts of their more successful competitors down the road.
If there is any conflicting guidance pertaining to contracting, the Federal Acquisition Regulation and Defense and Army Federal Acquisition Regulation supplements will take precedence over this regulation and Department of Defense guidance.
A personal conversation took precedence over a phone call, and a phone call over a letter.
Oxford appeared content to allow time in the middle to take precedence over run-scoring.
Again, atmosphere - enriched by Satie's eccentricities - takes precedence over information.
However, during the legislative process, language was inserted to give the Code precedence over the BC with respect to Federal income taxes.