preach against

preach against (something)

To give a stern, forceful warning against something. The priest preached against coveting other people's possessions. My mother always preaches against drugs and drinking, so I've never wanted to try them.
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preach against someone or something

to exhort against someone or something. The evangelist preached against the operator of the town's only saloon. The principal kept preaching against drinking and drugs.
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References in classic literature ?
In a little while, however, not only the first twelve had returned, but a multitude of other Quakers had come to rebuke the rulers and to preach against the priests and steeple-houses.
You cannot preach against corruption and fail to declare your assets or keep it locked up when declared.
'The reason of going to schools to preach against cultism is that without this young youths the big ones cannot operate and that is what we are doing to uproot them from their roots by discouraging the young ones from being initiated.
We preach against corruption, greed and incompetence in leadership but then foolishly go ahead to elect another bunch of thieves and incompetents!Maybe it's time we gave up on the current bunch and resolved to nurture and mentor a new crop not indoctrinated into theft, greed and tribalism.
They will also join the efforts and preach against childhood illnesses and the need for vaccination.
Roque added that the president would take criticisms from the common Filipino, but members of the clergy should refrain from using the pulpits in churches to preach against the policies of his administration because of the separation of the Church and State in our constitution.
The councillor challenged his colleagues and other civic leaders to preach against drug and substance abuse, and called for promotion of neighbourhood watch.
Those who are advocating this are the very people who constantly preach against racism and sexism.
Across the province, religious scholars and leaders alike preach against the infamous polio vaccine.
* Continue to find leaders who find cozy and noncontroversial topics to preach against each week, so we are not made uncomfortable in our religious hours.
He said priests should just preach against the evils of using illegal drugs.
Caravale examines how the Roman Catholic Church sought to force preachers to preach against the Lutheran heresy and demand that members of their congregations profess specifically Catholic teachings.
The post Church to establish schools to 'give children principles', preach against homosexuality, Archbishop says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
But those who preached about abortion were seven times more likely to preach against (22%) than in favor of (3%).
The President emphasized that Ulemas and religious scholars should preach against the curses of corruption and bribery in their sermons and speeches in the light of Islamic teachings.