preach against

preach against someone or something

to exhort against someone or something. The evangelist preached against the operator of the town's only saloon. The principal kept preaching against drinking and drugs.
See also: preach
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The three major Sunni Muslim institutions in Egypt preach against Islamic militancy, by stressing the need to support the state and the current government or by addressing radical opponents of the government, such as so-called "takfiri" elements.
The President emphasized that Ulemas and religious scholars should preach against the curses of corruption and bribery in their sermons and speeches in the light of Islamic teachings.
All eight also preach against fraud and corruption and vow to improve security, while they do differ on other issues, such as the country's border dispute with Pakistan.
Despite his criminal offences, the Bahrain government has not withdrawn Salman's diplomatic passport and he travels at his whim to preach against the very government that has given him the freedom he continues to claim not to have.
He would preach against the ever widening chasm of grotesque inherited wealth and privilege, and the inexorable increasing levels of poverty and hopelessness.
html) mission which they claim is to preach against all form of sin which includes fornication.
Swainson blows away the dust and cobwebs of millennia of interpretations from a Church full of preconceived notions, and shows that the words and deeds of Jesus, as God in the flesh, preach against a Second Coming.
Conservative Christians said the legislation would make it impossible for them to preach against homosexuality, and the bill was watered down as a result of their efforts.
The increasingly influential JPF and its mouthpiece Al-Intibaha newspaper vowed to oppose the deal and mobilize Imams of mosques to preach against it.
Consequently, it is imperative to preach against any application of this text that in any way condones the ownership of one human being by another.
PERTH, AUSTRALIA * Cardinal George Pell of Sydney has defended the right of priests to preach against the legalization of same-sex marriage, responding to a concern raised by an organization that supports same-sex marriage.
Pastor Jones had wanted to preach against what, he claims, are the evils and destructiveness of Islam at an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Luton, Bedfordshire, on February 5 but the far-right group has now withdrawn the invitation to him.
She refused to circumcise her two other daughters after learning about the side effects and hearing a religious leader preach against the practice.
But, when even his own priests find celibacy difficult, it is as unrealistic as it is wrong to preach against the one simple way to tackle the problem.
The small minority of ministers who did preach against the union were restrained in their rhetoric.