preach about

preach about (something)

1. To proclaim or lecture about something in a sermon. The priest preached about the sin of coveting other people's possessions. He was preaching about God's message of love and peace.
2. To offer a stern, moralistic, typically condescending lecture about something. I wish you would stop preaching about being fiscally responsible, Dad. I get it. My mother always preaches about the dangers of drugs and drinking, so I've never wanted to try them.
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preach about something

to give a moral or stern discourse on something. Please don't preach about the evils of fried food. I like the stuff, and people eat it all the time and don't die! She was preaching about the value of a fat-free diet.
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Preachers that follow the lectionary, the system of Scripture readings appointed for worship on a given day or occasion, rather than selecting their own sermon texts, report that Jesus determines when they preach about money, as well as what gets said.
So if I'm preaching on the Ethiopian eunuch from the Book of Acts, I might preach about how all people need to be welcomed into the Body of Christ.
But on Monday, as my husband and I left to go to our respective offices, he looked at me and asked, "So pastor, what will you preach about this Sunday?" The reality of preaching on a weekly basis stared starkly back at me.
However, the following generation thought it would be more contemporary not to preach about Christ's sufferings on Calvary.
It has been said that I stoop to abusing the citizens since I preach about their vices and that I could just as easily preach about Florentines, I first would not know where to begin: when it comes to vices, I know many that stink.
Rather than spending the summer planning what we will do come fall, perhaps we might preach about who we are as the community of the baptized.
When I preach about sin, I often cry, and my congregation cries with me.
Qualifications for lay preachers should include: (More than one answer allowed.) 74% A particular expertise on the topic the layperson will preach about. 65% Training in public speaking.
Preach about the Holy Trinity not as God in se but as God in relation to humanity, as God in relation to us.