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not a hope in hell

Absolutely no possibility of succeeding, coming to pass, or achieving something. There's not a hope in hell that you'll find me living in this town after I graduate.
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have a prayer

To not have any chance at all of doing or achieving something. Almost always used in the negative. With that giant supermarket opening up across the street, our little grocery store won't have a prayer of staying open. You think you can beat me? Ha! You don't have a prayer.
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not have a prayer

To be completely impossible or incredibly unlikely; to have no chance whatsoever. With the way that the other team has been playing, I'm afraid our guys don't have a prayer. That bill doesn't have a prayer of passing.
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the/an answer to (one's) prayer(s)

The perfect solution to a desperate need. Can be used literally (when one has actually prayed) or in a more figurative sense. I really believe this job was the answer to my prayer for a better life. This grant is an answer to our prayers. The center can stay open now!
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on a wing and a prayer

Without much preparation (and thus little hope of success). I didn't have time to edit my term paper so I just submitted it on a wing and a prayer.
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thoughts and prayers

A phrase often used as part of an attempt to comfort someone who has just suffered a tragic loss, as in, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you." The frequent use of the phrase or similar expressions by politicians after mass shootings in the US has increasingly been criticized by those who believe it is used to avoid pursuing tangible actions, notably changes to gun laws. You can keep your thoughts and prayers, senator—they won't give me my sister back.
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in someone's prayers

[of someone] remembered and called by name when someone prays. I am sorry to hear of your sickness. You will be in our prayers. The whole family is in my prayers because they have suffered so much.
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*on a wing and a prayer

Fig. to arrive or fly in with one's plane in very bad condition. (Sometimes used fig. of other vehicles. *Typically: come (in) ~; arrive ~.) Finally we could see the plane through the smoke, coming in on a wing and a prayer.
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not a hope in hell

Also, not a prayer. No chance at all, as in There's not a hope in hell that we have a winning bid, or If you don't watch the conductor you won't have a prayer of coming in on time. The first term was first recorded in 1923, the second in 1941. Both allude to the chance for heavenly salvation. Also see snowball's chance in hell.
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prayer, not a

see under not a hope in hell.
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not have a prayer

If you say that someone does not have a prayer, you mean that it is impossible for them to achieve something. The team was on such good form, their opponents didn't have a prayer. He did not seem to have a prayer of regaining the world title.
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on a wing and a prayer

If you do something on a wing and a prayer, you do it in the hope that you will succeed, even though you do not have what you need to do it. Dozens of airlines have entered the industry on a wing and a prayer, and dozens have gone bankrupt. In the past, teams have been run on a wing and a prayer. Note: This is the title of a song by H. Adamson, written in 1943, which referred to the emergency landing of an aircraft: `Tho' there's one motor gone, we can still carry on, Comin' In On A Wing And A Pray'r.'
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not a hope (or chance) in hell

no hope (or chance) at all. informal
An elaboration of this phrase is not a snowball's chance in hell .
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not have a prayer

have no chance at all of succeeding at something. informal
1998 Oldie Show them you can re-programme the computer to eliminate the Millennium Problem and you are in. Confess that you don't even know how to turn it on, and you haven't a prayer.
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on a wing and a prayer

with only the slightest chance of success.
This expression comes from the title of a 1943 song by the American songwriter Harold Adamson , ‘Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer’. He himself took it from a contemporary comment made by a wartime pilot speaking to ground control before making an emergency landing.
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the ˌanswer to somebody’s ˈprayers

a thing or a person that somebody has waited for or wanted for a long time: If you’ve been looking for a good quality fleece at a reasonable price, this one could be the answer to your prayers.
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not have a ˈprayer (of doing something)

have no chance of succeeding: She’s done no work at all this term, so she doesn’t have a prayer of passing her exams.
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on a ˌwing and a ˈprayer

with only a very slight chance of success: He started the business in his own home, on a wing and a prayer, but it looks like he’s really going to make a success of it.This expression was first used in the military to describe how pilots flying very badly damaged planes succeeded in returning to base.
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The quality of the essays is high and the volume is a welcome complement to several recent anthologies on biblical and Jewish prayer that, by choosing such a broad theme, have helped to bridge the gulf separating the various subfields of biblical and Jewish studies (for example, Prayer from Alexandria to Constantine [1997] and Prayers from the Ancient World [20061).
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