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come the raw prawn

slang To act as though one has no knowledge of something. Primarily heard in Australia. I know she's coming the raw prawn with me because her fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime.
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prawn cocktail offensive

The (often derisive) name used for politicians' efforts to gain financial support while attending a social event (where prawn cocktails are traditionally served). Primarily heard in UK. I don't want to go to this dinner party—it's just going to become another prawn cocktail offensive, and I'm sick of people asking me for money!
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come the raw prawn

If someone comes the raw prawn, they try to trick you, especially by pretending not to know about something. Don't come the raw prawn with me, sport, or I'll knock your head off.
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come the raw prawn

attempt to deceive someone. Australian informal
In Australian English, a stupid person can be referred to as a prawn .
1959 Eric Lambert Glory Thrown In Don't ever come the raw prawn with Doc, mate. He knows all the lurks.
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