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prattle (on) about (someone or something)

To ramble, chatter, or babble about someone or something in an idle, meaningless, or incessant way. What on earth is he prattling on about now? Jeff's been prattling about some girl he met at camp over the summer. The date was pretty boring. She just prattled on about her dog for most of it.
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prattle away (about someone or something)

To ramble, chatter, or babble (about someone or something) in an idle, meaningless, or incessant way. What on earth is he prattling away about now? Jeff's been prattling away about some girl he met at camp over the summer. The date was pretty boring. She just prattled away the whole evening, and I couldn't get a word in edgewise.
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prattle (away) about someone or something

to chatter idly and endlessly about someone or something. The little girl prattled away for an hour about her school, her friends, and her toys. I wish you would stop prattling about your friends.
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It takes about 45 seconds for the neural network of Prattle's robots to read a 500-word statement and map the words over 80 billion connections to learn how the language is interconnected.
Prattle developed a proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning system to produce analytics that measure sentiment and predict the market impact of publicly available content including central bank and corporate communications (such as company earnings calls and press releases).
"Mongoloid Greenblatt, together with President Trump, his son-in-law [Senior Advisor to the President of the United States] Jared Kushner, and Zionist [US] Ambassador [to Israel David] Friedman -- can prattle on as much as they wish about the ominous deal.
"Male executives provide significantly more verbose answers to analyst questions than their female counterparts," Prattle CEO Evan Schnidman said.
Harris' notion of "middle" took on new meaning as I considered my role when my center's tutors collaboratively wrote the accompanying article, "Response to 'Prattle of the Sexes.'" For a writing center director, does another "middle" exist, one that positions her somewhere between supervisor and colleague, teacher and peer?
With all the prattle during the election about stopping terrorism and illegal immigration, the dangers of the NAFTA superhighway were never mentioned.
Millionaire is all razzle, dazzle and Chris Tarrant prattle. Behind all the bling, however, the questions are bland and basic.
This was mainly because they all appeared to prattle on with the same inane drivel.
Her voice swoops from girlish prattle to seductive alto; she is alternately terrified and calm.
Why do Catholic weeklies keep reporting this prattle as if it were hot-off-the-press news?
And both articles prattle on about the United States reluctantly having to assume the imperial responsibilities that have allegedly been thrust upon it.
A f urther side effect is alienation and pessimism among young people, indoctrinated in schools by such witless prattle. It is not uncommon for students to be exposed to homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, sex education, and other doctrines of "liberation" as early as the fourth grade, long before they have a clearer understanding of what is being described to them.
Informed with the same kind of Lower East Village rebellion that fed the Ramones and Blondie, docu's constant prattle about Gotham as the greatest city on Earth sounds unconvincingly desperate.
Straight actors, like Danny Nucci and Jason Bateman, often prattle on over how much they've learned about gay culture from doing gay-themed projects.
AMONG the usual final demands and postal prattle this week was a deeply appreciated letter from an Irish trainer, successful at Cheltenham last year, who is a minor hero of my household and has the patience and far-sightedness to "see through a brick wall in time".