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pull a prank (on someone)

To carry out a trick, deception, or practical joke (against someone). It turns out that the supposed alien visitors that people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers pulling a prank on the town. I've got a great plan to pull a prank on the school for April Fools' Day. The fake article had been in print in the renowned scientific journal for more than a week before its author revealed that he had pulled a prank when he decided to submit it.
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play a trick on someone

 and play a prank on someone
to do a trick that affects someone. Somebody played a trick on me by hiding my shoes. The little boys planned to play a trick on their teacher by turning up the heat in the classroom.
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or enemies) that lets customers anonymously send pranks such as a love letter, a creepy note to send shivers down their spine, fake cockroaches and the classic glitter-packed envelope.
Dubai: Arab viewers, usually difficult to reconcile over the merit of a television programme, seem this time remarkably eager to agree that a prank being shown during Ramadan should be taken off the air.
In this issue of Highlights[R], we've included some ideas for funny pranks (pages 8-9).
It is jam-packed with pranks, jokes, mischief and mayhem, and normally costs [euro]1.
Elsewhere, there were reports of pranks going bad this year, including one in South Carolina that ended with a woman under arrest after her text message sent sheriffs to what they thought was a school shooting.
Candid Camera began back in America in 1947 as Candid Microphone with the British TV version starting in 1960 with Bob Monkhouse, Jonathan Routh and Arthur Atkins using hidden cameras to play pranks on the unsuspecting public.
London, July 26 ( ANI ): Sandra Bullock made sure that her co-star George Clooney curbed his pranks while shooting for the upcoming film 'Gravity'.
Working with popular YouTube influencers who love the Jack Link's brand, eat our products and also live for playing pranks.
He considers himself to be the Prank King and he's excited to see what kind of pranks his family has cooked up this year.
Men carried out the most pranks at 74 percent compared to 61 percent of women.
The paper fish is a French way to celebrate April Fools' Day, as victims of pranks are known as Poisson d'Avril (or April fish), but she is in New Zealand this year so I am pretty safe.
Sure, they could have dragged a cow into the school gym, or filled the fountain (if the school had one) with detergent, or let rats loose in the cafeteria - all classic senior pranks.
The Pocket Guide to Mischief," by Bart King, truly is a pocket-sized guide to pulling pranks and making mischief.
Lest one think this was an aberration, Lee's allegations fit with other cases -- including those of two co-workers who claimed retaliation for sticking up for Lee -- and reports of hazing and pranks, some of them very recent.
More than one in four workers said the pranks were good for office morale.