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throw (one's) toys out of the pram

To behave in a petulantly upset or angry manner; to act like an angry child. Primarily heard in UK. Manchester United's star striker threw his toys out of the pram after he was ejected from the match for biting another player.
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throw your toys out of the pram

If someone throws their toys out of the pram, they express their anger or disappointment in a childish way. They say he may have thrown his toys out of the pram after being made to report to Smith. Note: Words for names of toys are often used instead of toys with the same meaning. I for one, will certainly not be crying into my beer or throwing my rattle out of the pram. I hope that your girlfriend is prepared to stand up to you as you throw your dummy out of the pram.
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throw your toys out of the pram

have a temper tantrum. British informal
2005 Hecklerspray Some might suggest that for Oprah to throw her toys out of the pram because a French woman told her she couldn't look at some clothes comes across as…just a little arrogant.
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To get that phone call to say that the pram had been hit by a train, my first thought was 'where was my daughter?
The child-friendly initiative featured wooden folding seats so parents could sit next to their babies and their prams when they were travelling.
They got on at about 9am to find Smith standing in the section kept for prams.
The pram may sport Aston Martin's name, but lags way behind the firm's luxury vehicles in one area.
Annette Owles-Bryan, who runs Annette's Pram Shop in Walsall, added: "This is horrendous.
So that's one episode when teen tearaway Platt won't be throwing his toys out of the pram, then.
The Gunners captain then proceeded to kick the wheels off the pram, set fire to the pram and finally push the smouldering remains of the pram into a canal.
As the focus for EW maintenance, the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WRALC) has initiated several PRAM efforts for defensive electronics.
The officer was still off work on December 10 last year, when he was seen pushing a pram outside Liverpool ONE Argos by his then line manager, DI Rachel Wilson.
However, when you hear that a Sure Start centre has banned the use of prams and cites health and safety as the reason, I am not sure that 'mad' is a strong enough word.
Ditch the car and get the pram wheels burning rubber.
I had kept Mari out of the pram and strapped her to my back to carry her the length of the park.
Midland supercar maker Aston Martin is aiming to produce "the most exclusive pram in the world".