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Glass's managing editor Adrian Rushmore, said: "The Yaris combines practicality and style and upholds Toyota's virtues of superb build quality and assured reliability.
By looking at the magnification, light-gathering ability, field of view, and practicality of various optic systems, these purchasers can increase their chances of obtaining quality units that fulfill their operational and budgetary requirements.
She possesses enormous amounts of creative energy--along with professional practicality.
The system dispenses for up to 40 days without refill or battery change and features an on/off switch for conservation and practicality.
Practicality is one of the cornerstones of the natural world, and in this case all parties concerned benefited.
He added that in terms of practicality, 'if you want to fast track (train connectivity) and have immediate action, from a practical point of view, the ideal scenario is to go back to the original plan for the light rails.
The ACJ318, offered for VVIP charter by Comlux, features the comfort and practicality of home and office and can seat 19 passengers.
The cars tested were put through what is claimed to be the most rigorous towcar testing programme and judged on their towing ability plus a host of other qualities including driving performance when not towing, practicality, value for money and safety.
Quality hardcover binding and an inset ribbon bookmark contribute to the practicality and durability of this edition, which is mean to be read, reread, and contemplated at length.
Canvas was chosen for its practicality and economy, also in respect for tradition, for it has been used to provide shade in Spain since the Romans used it in the velaria of their amphitheatres.
The community is in the process of conducting a feasibility study examining the practicality of delivering an information technology facility and 911 emergency dispatch regional centre.
There's a pleasing element of wit in Nengudi's reconfigurations of this alternately protective, constrictive, and "improving" article of women's clothing, as the dissected nylons demonstrate the absurd practicality of their own construction.
As a measure of classroom practice, also assessed was the degree to which teachers' perception of the effectiveness and practicality of grouping strategies is influenced by students' self-regulatory styles.
practicality and relevance (will the presentation be of interest to a large proportion of the audience and what critical issue does this address?