pox on

(a) pox on (someone or something)

dated May someone or something be cursed! A pox on these fools that would stand in my way! Ugh, I've been filling in the wrong form—pox on these confusing tax laws!
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pox on someone or something

Fig. A curse on someone or something! (Old. Now usually jocular.) A pox on you, you creep! I've been trying to make this computer work all day. A pox on it!
See also: on, pox
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This reviewer's only minor quibble is that the short and scanty conclusion does not reflect the many important arguments advanced by Arrizabalaga, Henderson, and French in this highly successful interpretation of the devastating effects of the great pox on the inhabitants of early modern Europe.
An outbreak of sheep pox on a sheep breeding farm in Jammu, India.