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(a) pox on (someone or something)

dated May someone or something be cursed! A pox on these fools that would stand in my way! Ugh, I've been filling in the wrong form—pox on these confusing tax laws!
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pox on someone or something

Fig. A curse on someone or something! (Old. Now usually jocular.) A pox on you, you creep! I've been trying to make this computer work all day. A pox on it!
See also: on, pox
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Remembering when Charlotte had chicken pox, Emma says it was bad but she had seemed to recover completely.
A successful implementation of the POX Hub project drives our projections of the improvement in the group's financial forecasts after 2019.
The results confirmed the presence of SPV with 99% identity for the majority of the NCBI BLAST-searched SPV sequences of sheep pox of India, China and USA strain which bear the accession No.
Salma Shaikh said that chickenpox can be prevented and the easiest way to prevent catching chicken pox is to get vaccinated.
According to Dr Craig Shuttleworth of the Red Squirrel Trust Wales, the only measure that can be taken is to try to prevent the spread of squirrel pox.
A Public Health Wales spokesman said: "Public Health Wales is aware of chicken pox cases in nurseries around the South Wales area, which we would expect at this time of year.
In Saudi Arabia, Sheep pox is a serious problem and has been reported from different regions of the country (Abu-Elzein et al., 2003; Abdulkarem et al., 2014).
Clinics and outpatient departments in hospitals have reported treating patients for heat exhaustion, fever, colds, coughs, respiratory distress and chicken pox. The common trigger for these ailments has been the rise in Celsius, according to officials.
"Varicella vaccination has had a dramatic impact on the incidence of chicken pox," said Dr.
But unlike chicken pox, where blisters occur all over the body, shingles zeroes in on one spot or one side of the body.
Goat pox antigen was detected from necropsy tissues by PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP).
Ellen wakes up with chicken pox (you can even touch the spots on the pages as they are illustrated in relief).
The detection of a spot or two on my tummy - and an absolute beauty of one on my upper hairline - quickly had the parentals engaged in what I like to call The Pox Debate.
The village of Pyatimar in West Kazakhstan region has been quarantined as the sheep pox outbreaks, the Kazakh media report citing rural district mayor Olzhas Rakhimov.
my grand-daughter Jeannie, who is almost three, has had chicken pox all week.