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(a) pox on (someone or something)

dated May someone or something be cursed! A pox on these fools that would stand in my way! Ugh, I've been filling in the wrong form—pox on these confusing tax laws!
See also: on, pox

pox on someone or something

Fig. A curse on someone or something! (Old. Now usually jocular.) A pox on you, you creep! I've been trying to make this computer work all day. A pox on it!
See also: on, pox
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We expect Petropavlovsk's leverage to improve from 2018, as the POX Hub starts to add to the group's bottom line, to around 2.
Although chicken pox is not a notifiable disease, we are always happy to advise nursery staff or parents who have specific questions or concerns.
Animals: A sheep farm at Al Hassa District was struck by the sheep pox virus during winter 2014.
Dr Sanju Joy, a doctor at Badr Al Samaa, Nizwa, said children suffering from chicken pox should drink water and eat fruits and vegetables.
A 2005 study found that during 1998-2003 the incidence of chicken pox in Massachusetts went down by 79%, while the incidence of shingles increased by 90% (BMC Public Health 2005; 5:68).
One example of this is journalist Barbara Walters, who was hospitalized in 2013 with chicken pox.
Suitable antibacterial therapy is always followed to lower mortality pattern associated with goat pox infection (Rao and Bandyopadhyay, 2000).
Rakhimov noted the sheep pox is dangerous to humans, however so far there were no cases of human infection.
Diagnosis of Chicken Pox in Pregnancy: As earlier mentioned, the diagnosis of chicken pox, either in pregnant or non-pregnant subjects can be easily performed on the basis of clinical history and clinical classical signs-symptoms.
This strongly suggests that the squirrels have encountered the pox virus previously and recovered from it.
Rachel Miller, Red Squirrel field officer at the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire and North Merseyside, said: "The research found that one red squirrel definitely survived the pox and it was released back into Ainsdale where it was originally found.
The " different pattern" of adults contracting the disease have left the doctors wondering if there is a change in the virus strain responsible for chicken pox circulating in Delhi.
Prior to that, chicken pox was ubiquitous, with more than 90 percent of young people experiencing infection by the age of 20.
The Varicella Vaccine for the prevention of Chicken Pox, which was introduced in the US in 1995, has been found to be over 90% effective long-term, according to a study reported today by Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center, a US-based health care provider.
A RELATIVE of the small pox virus may be an effective weapon against one of the deadliest forms of breast cancer, research has shown.