power with

power (something) with (something else)

To use something as an energy source for something else to actuate or function. Often used in passive constructions. We've actually been able to power the lights with these stationary bicycles. The toy is powered with batteries, but those don't come included. We need to start powering our homes and businesses with renewable energy sources.
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power something with something

to provide something as the source of energy for something to operate. The government decided to power its vans with natural gas engines. We will power the generators with coal as long as it is cheap.
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not to achieve a division of power with the central government, because
Balancing algorithm is determined by composing imported and generated power with power of export, load and losses of the analyzed system.
Combining the main reflected power with the directivity reflected power cannot be done by simple addition, but rather the powers must be converted to voltages that are combined using vector math.
Once during a debate about some feminist issue, a friend half-joked, "It's always about power with you women, isn't it?" Yes, it often is.
In Letter Ruling 9147065, the IRS stated that the son's exclusive ability to vote the shares held in trust, coupled with his absolute power with respect to the sale or other disposition of corporate stock, acted to deprive the surviving spouse of that degree of beneficial enjoyment required under the regulations.
Men tend to exercise a great deal more power than women in the early years of a marriage, but with middle age, women begin to become more confident of their role and status in the marriage and gradually claim the right to share power with men.