power with

power (something) with (something else)

To use something as an energy source for something else to actuate or function. Often used in passive constructions. We've actually been able to power the lights with these stationary bicycles. The toy is powered with batteries, but those don't come included. We need to start powering our homes and businesses with renewable energy sources.
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power something with something

to provide something as the source of energy for something to operate. The government decided to power its vans with natural gas engines. We will power the generators with coal as long as it is cheap.
See also: power
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During the 12th Five-year Plan period (2011-2015), China will further enlarge the investment in hydropower and nuclear power with an average sum of RMB 75 billion and 35 billion per year respectively.
Saves up to 25% of total clock power with increasingly Silicon-Aware, accurate prediction of the effects of clock gating on a design.
This UPS delivers consistent, clean output power with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) that does not drain battery life.
Valere Power today debuted the LP DC Power System, a new low-power DC power system that is compact and cost-effective enough to power fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or business telecommunications service installations that need high-quality power with battery back up.
Pairing Synopsys' Galaxy Power with Virtual Silicon's Mobilize IP benefits our mutual customer base by providing an advanced low power solution for implementing techniques such as power islands and gate biasing in their latest SoC designs.
The new ARF1505 Power MOSFET makes it possible to produce 750 Watts of 27 MHz RF power with a single device in a 1 x 1 inch footprint, enabling very high power densities along with significant savings in system circuit complexity and cost.
Our newest 65 to 130kVA models are ideal for facilities that require clean power with low maintenance, quiet operation and a small footprint.
Capp joins Beacon Power with more than three decades of diversified experience in developing and manufacturing commercial power products such as large diesel-driven equipment, compressors and generators as well as automotive systems for major manufacturers.