powder (one's) nose

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powder (one's) nose

euphemism To go to the bathroom. The phrase is a polite expression used to excuse oneself when going to the bathroom. Typically used by women. I'll join you at the table in a minute, I just need to powder my nose.
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powder one's nose

 and powder one's face
to depart to the bathroom. (Usually said by women, or jocularly by men.) Excuse me, I have to powder my nose. She just went out to powder her face.
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powder your nose

(of a woman) go to the lavatory.
This is an early 20th-century euphemism, which is now rather dated. The term powder room has been used since the 1940s to refer to a ladies' toilet in a hotel, restaurant, or similar public building.
1972 L. P. Davies What Did I Do Tomorrow? I'll use your bathroom. To powder my nose, as nice girls say.
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(go to) powder your ˈnose

(old-fashioned or humorous) a polite way of referring to the fact that a woman is going to the toilet: I’m just going to powder my nose and I’ll be with you in a minute.
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powder one’s nose

1. and powder one’s face tv. to depart to the bathroom. (Usually said by women, or jocularly by men.) She just went out to powder her face.
2. tv. to use cocaine. John is in the bedroom powdering his nose. What a habit!
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The camera lingered behind writer/creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge's titular (though never named on screen) character as she powdered her nose in a plush restaurant toilet.
Following the ceremony, it was sweet touch to see her new initials and wedding date monogrammed inside as she powdered her nose.
She told fans as she powdered her nose: "They're really funny.
Most electricians won't even allow you to leave a message on their telephone answering machines." She powdered her nose, sighed, and said, "I hope he likes us."
While Vanessa, 40, powdered her nose, her man flirted with two stunning young women who were clearly fascinated by his dreadlocks.