powder your nose

powder (one's) nose

euphemism To go to the bathroom. The phrase is a polite expression used to excuse oneself when going to the bathroom. Typically used by women. I'll join you at the table in a minute, I just need to powder my nose.
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powder your nose

(of a woman) go to the lavatory.
This is an early 20th-century euphemism, which is now rather dated. The term powder room has been used since the 1940s to refer to a ladies' toilet in a hotel, restaurant, or similar public building.
1972 L. P. Davies What Did I Do Tomorrow? I'll use your bathroom. To powder my nose, as nice girls say.
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(go to) powder your ˈnose

(old-fashioned or humorous) a polite way of referring to the fact that a woman is going to the toilet: I’m just going to powder my nose and I’ll be with you in a minute.
See also: nose, powder
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12 POWDER YOUR NOSE If you don't like the idea of taking tablets, nasal sprays containing cellulose powder area natural and effective way to prevent symptoms.
Here's your cue to ask your crush to dance or exit stage left to grab a glass of punch, powder your nose, giggle at the awkwardness .
But it is not acceptable for him to then follow you like a loyal labrador when you go to powder your nose.
It can't take that long to powder your nose," Peter said earlier.
Picture this: you're in a fancy restaurant, had one or maybe two drinks, nature calls and you have to go -- um, powder your nose.
Finally, you may want to powder your nose during the day, so get some MAC Blot powder, or carry some MAC Blot Film.
Every 50 minutes he said to me and the other woman who was being interviewed, "Now, let's take a break so you can go powder your nose.
2 POWDER YOUR NOSE Liven up your complexion instantly with the right powder.
So when you go to powder your nose you can emerge looking like you've just stepped out of the salon.
Miz Hot Tips adds that it wouldn't hurt to powder your nose and your 5 o'clock shadow while you're there.