powder (one's) nose

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powder (one's) nose

euphemism To go to the bathroom. The phrase is a polite expression used to excuse oneself when going to the bathroom. Typically used by women. I'll join you at the table in a minute, I just need to powder my nose.
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powder one's nose

 and powder one's face
to depart to the bathroom. (Usually said by women, or jocularly by men.) Excuse me, I have to powder my nose. She just went out to powder her face.
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powder your nose

(of a woman) go to the lavatory.
This is an early 20th-century euphemism, which is now rather dated. The term powder room has been used since the 1940s to refer to a ladies' toilet in a hotel, restaurant, or similar public building.
1972 L. P. Davies What Did I Do Tomorrow? I'll use your bathroom. To powder my nose, as nice girls say.
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(go to) powder your ˈnose

(old-fashioned or humorous) a polite way of referring to the fact that a woman is going to the toilet: I’m just going to powder my nose and I’ll be with you in a minute.
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powder one’s nose

1. and powder one’s face tv. to depart to the bathroom. (Usually said by women, or jocularly by men.) She just went out to powder her face.
2. tv. to use cocaine. John is in the bedroom powdering his nose. What a habit!
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LADIES, when you slope off to the work loos to put your face on ahead of the office Christmas party, check out whether your male colleagues are sneaking off to powder their noses too.
People used the lavatories to relieve themselves, or for ladies to powder their noses.
They might make very occasional visits to the smallest room in the house to powder their noses or to water the flowers, but they never, as it were .
I also recall the days when women used to powder their noses, or at worst 'pop to the lavatory'.
It has wonderful illustrations of pigs engaged in all types of fanciful after-bath antics, such as "Five clean pigs powder their noses.
The Stepford Wives Perfection Station: Spring Break females will have the opportunity to powder their noses or check out new looks in the mirror as professional cosmetologists recommend how to "perfect" themselves through makeup and the latest accessories.
Pooches who need to powder their noses during walkies in Hartlepool can now pay a visit to "dog stops".
Just to add to the cosy atmosphere, ladies don't have to interrupt crisis talks to powder their noses, they can use the two- pan cubicles - very weird.
All drinking Krug and going off to powder their noses on a shared lavatory seat
That is, they should be discussed over a cigar in the s aloon after the women have made a conspicuous exit to powder their noses.
And the Pope is Catholic and bears powder their noses in the woods, too.
My spy tells me: "It was a strange coincidence but all three seemed to go and powder their noses at the same