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Duravit is offering furnishing ideas to tackle unavoidable design challenges due to space limitations, faced by many guest bathrooms and powder rooms, that leave them looking cramped or sparsely furnished.
Functionally, a powder room needs only a toilet, a sink, and minimal storage for hand towels, so it's usually the sink that becomes the most prominent design element.
The Powder Room is another unique idea for a festival.
However, the new washroom and powder room, with its floral furniture, would be the envy of any five-star hotel.
An Electronic Faucet Designed Exclusively for the Powder Room
It has a kitchen-dining-living area leading off to a library, and master bedroom which connects to the master bathroom and powder room.
A powder room and small staff bedroom and bath are tucked discreetly behind the kitchen, while two good-sized guest bedrooms with walk-in closets and en suite bathrooms share the upper floor with a commodious corner master suite complete with two huge walk-in closets, marble-walled bathroom, and unimpeded views that sweep across the Hudson River.
Wallpaper encrusted with flakes of real mica provides the glam factor in the ultra-elegant powder room.
7m with a three-year payment plan, each cover 2,013 sq ft and come with a maid's room, two balconies, powder room, three bathrooms, private garden and parking for two cars.
Her new film may have only cost PS175,000 to make, but Sheridan Smith is proud that Powder Room shows a side to young women not often seen on screen.
Powder Room is the perfect platform for talented Sheridan Smith as down-on-her-luck Sam, who tries to juggle her pals but finds her unhappy life exposed.
The guest bathroom, powder room and study can be found on the ground floor along with a storage room and a grand living and dining area boasting views of the outside water feature and courtyard.
But as the dinner began, the happy couple soon separated, as Flockhart headed to the powder room to reapply more cosmetics before taking the stage to accept her Community Service Award.
There is a symmetry and simplicity about the Georgian style which I find very calming,' says Linda as she reveals the downstairs loo, actually a Powder Room the size of the average home's main bathroom and more besides.
Charming for a powder room or sitting area, this mini from Murray Feiss' Maison De Ville collection is finished in British Bronze and detailed with hand-polished faceted crystals.