powder (one's) nose

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powder (one's) nose

euphemism To go to the bathroom. The phrase is a polite expression used to excuse oneself when going to the bathroom. Typically used by women. I'll join you at the table in a minute, I just need to powder my nose.
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powder one's nose

 and powder one's face
to depart to the bathroom. (Usually said by women, or jocularly by men.) Excuse me, I have to powder my nose. She just went out to powder her face.
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powder your nose

(of a woman) go to the lavatory.
This is an early 20th-century euphemism, which is now rather dated. The term powder room has been used since the 1940s to refer to a ladies' toilet in a hotel, restaurant, or similar public building.
1972 L. P. Davies What Did I Do Tomorrow? I'll use your bathroom. To powder my nose, as nice girls say.
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(go to) powder your ˈnose

(old-fashioned or humorous) a polite way of referring to the fact that a woman is going to the toilet: I’m just going to powder my nose and I’ll be with you in a minute.
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powder one’s nose

1. and powder one’s face tv. to depart to the bathroom. (Usually said by women, or jocularly by men.) She just went out to powder her face.
2. tv. to use cocaine. John is in the bedroom powdering his nose. What a habit!
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Jennie had to powder her nose JENNIE, the 18in wanderlust monkey from Brazil, is today back at her new home with Mrs May Davies, Lady Mary Road, Roath Park, Cardiff, after a day of wandering.
His life suddenly takes a turn for both the better and the worse when a beautiful young woman in a hurry asks him to hold her suitcase and flowers while she runs off to powder her nose before her flight.
Either an over-enthusiastic make-up artist - or Uma herself - dashed into a very badly lit ladies room to powder her nose.
As she sneaked off to powder her nose, I nabbed a fork-full and was pleased with what I got.
When the blonde slipped away for a moment to powder her nose, the barman took the opportunity to quiz Auld Jock.
This piece would have been cherished by an affluent woman; a lover of shooting trips who wanted to powder her nose and refresh her spirits.
There is a marriage suite on the ground floor, separate marriage rooms and even a bride's room where she can powder her nose before the ceremony.
And what follows, it seems, is why men can drink two pints and discuss every fixture in the history of the Premiership in the time it takes our female companion to powder her nose.
She'll powder her nose with panache when she's carrying this silver compact with little red lipsticks on the cover, $25 at Clinique counters.
These highly collect able items feature the symbol of each zodiac constellation in sparkling diamante so she can powder her nose in style.
Chatted upby a bloke in a bar, she heads off to powder her nose and is soon joined at the urinal byher would-be suitor.
The average lady will powder her nose accompanied by at least one good friend.
The singer who used the royalties from her platinum albums to powder her nose.
DuRing A Toilet bReak to powdeR heR nose (8 mins): EUR13,900
But whenever she went to powder her nose she insisted that the little girls' room was cleared of other revellers first.