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1. noun An informal meeting or conference, especially in order to brainstorm, discuss, or review something. A somewhat flippant allusion to the traditional gatherings held by Native American or First Nations tribes, the term could be considered offensive by some. I think all the departments need to have a powwow together to go over what went wrong on this project. Good, let's have a powwow and see what we can come up with.
2. verb To hold such a meeting. We're going to powwow on Monday to go over the final details.


1. n. a meeting; a conference. (From an American Indian word.) Let’s have a pow-wow on that issue.
2. in. to hold a meeting or a conference. Let’s pow-wow on that tomorrow.
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In January 1946, The Washington Post noted that since the first POW camp had opened in the U.
Written and oral sources indicate that even during this initial, provisional phase German forces exploited POW labour in a variety of ways.
Since the war, both Democrat and Republican administrations have maintained the political line that all leads have been investigated and everything has been done to account for our POWs and to bring back any live POWs and/or the remains of any who died in captivity.
And we know in our hearts that when our government justifies the illegal treatment of POWs because they are really "criminal enemy combatants" that this is a piece of linguistic chicanery fooling no one.
During the Vietnam War, the Army implemented Regulation 190-8 by requiring an "Article 5 tribunal" to determine the POW status of each captured Viet Cong belligerent.
Principi is asking veterans, veterans' service organizations, and all Americans who know of former POWs to help spread the word that benefits and services may be just a phone call away.
The author reports on his combat experiences, including participation in two POW rescue missions.
Combining cutting edge graphics, innovative gameplay, and an incredible AI system, POW is one game worth wait-ing for.
During 1958-1998, 27 human POW encephalitis cases were reported from Canada and the northeastern United States [3].
One POW taught local farmers how to make condensed milk at a stock farm on the Boso Peninsula, while another taught how to make German confectionery at a cafe in Tokyo's Ginza district.
This has resulted in the construction of several major museums in the region representing the POW experience--the Jeath Museum (opened in 1977) and Hellfire Pass Museum (1998) along the Burma-Thailand Railway, and Changi Prison Museum in Singapore (1988).
In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Wednesday, JEM spokesperson Gibril Adam Bilal said the decision to release the detainees and the POWs is an attempt to contribute to the creation of a climate conducive for peace and a genuine national dialogue.
The Australian & New Zealand governments responded to an independent report which recommended the former Far East PoWs or widows be compensated for their trauma at the hands of the Japanese imperial Army from 1942 on.
The POWs were placed in camps in Germany and elsewhere, often suffering severe hardship and deprivation by their captors.