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pout about (someone or something)

To sulk about someone or something; to exhibit a sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor because of someone or something. It won't do you any good to pout about losing your job. You need to stop pouting about Sally and start going on dates again. What on Earth is he pouting about now?
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pout around

To sulk around (some place); to have a prolonged sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor (while in some place). Look, breakups are tough, but you need to stop pouting around the house and go outside or something. Pouting around all day isn't going to fix anything, so I suggest you adjust your attitude.
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pout about someone or something

to be sullen about someone or something. There is no need to pout about the cat. She'll come back. Sally is pouting about her lost dog.
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Pout, nod your head to the music, look disinterested.
I must admit I'm a bit shocked to learn Elle's bee-stung pout isn't au naturel.
But what makes stars like Ellie Goulding, Katie Price and Chloe Khan, whose giant lips look fit to burst, opt for pneumatic pouts? We wanted to check out how it all works and found a volunteer, Donna Mullin, to help us - on the promise that she would still look natural.
Seeing the procedure carried out and the results achieved with such a small amount of filler, we can only speculate how much has been injected into the pouts of certain celebs.
And big sister Tamara jumped in to defend her, claiming the plumped-up pout was down to a new lip liner and good genetics.
The single mum said the procedure was painful but worth it, adding that her new pout had made her happier and even won her thousands of admirers on social media.
Ashley said she often has to talk women down from wanting their lips to be as big as possible, encouraging them to take it slowly and work up to the perfect pout. Ashley is reassuring and speaks from experience.
The size of your pout determines whether you will be lucky in love, according to new research.
It is a wrong impression to assume that the pout is unimportant when taking photographs.
Well, he might pout and sulk, but it's still worth talking to him.
BRITTANY Murphy may look swell with these big lips - but she's not always had such a trout pout.
NOW Star Brittany yesterday with her pout; THEN; PUCKER PAR ADE LIPPY: Leslie Ash; GOBBY: Griffiths; POUTSY: Kensit; MOUTHY: Meg Picture: REX FEATURES