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pout about (someone or something)

To sulk about someone or something; to exhibit a sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor because of someone or something. It won't do you any good to pout about losing your job. You need to stop pouting about Sally and start going on dates again. What on Earth is he pouting about now?
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pout around

To sulk around (some place); to have a prolonged sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor (while in some place). Look, breakups are tough, but you need to stop pouting around the house and go outside or something. Pouting around all day isn't going to fix anything, so I suggest you adjust your attitude.
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pout about someone or something

to be sullen about someone or something. There is no need to pout about the cat. She'll come back. Sally is pouting about her lost dog.
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An SBRAAC match fished at the right time saw one of the better results of late with some nice cod coming from several rock edge marks which produced 17 cod, three pouting, and one coal-fish for those 12 out of 20 who weighed in.
Ricky Ash beached two smoothounds, two pouting and a conger for an excellent winning weight of 8.95kg; Ivor Smith's smoothound weighed 6.46kg and took second prize, while Keith Skipper was third with three cod, two dogfish and 2.78kg.
Serve the pouting with a portion of sweet potato chips, a good dollop of basil mayo and a wedge of lemon for squeezing over.
Standing on a quiet day nodding and pouting to your interior soundtrack might just send the man who shakes hands in Cardiff - ie Mr Shaky Hands man - your way.
Additional appendices show advanced details such as curves, a drop-down front edge, and pouting concrete on site.
Barry tackle shop owner Ray Christofarato was runner-up with three congers and a pouting weighing 6lb 9oz.
DESPITE celebrities such as Posh and Paris compulsively pouting for the cameras, the look just doesn't cut it for UK men - or women.
The hunt is on for a Scots lass who could fill the stilettoes of pouting Posh in the country's top Spice Girls tribute band, The Spice Babes.
NICOLA Sturgeon posted a pouting selfie on social media yesterday in tribute to murdered teenager Paige Doherty.
Pouting for the camera and donning a figure-hugging Balmain jumper, she is sure to turn heads and out-shine her sister Kim on the fashion front.
The pouting anS d rockling he caught on a difficult day weighed 600gm and beat Tony Hart's two pouting weighing 360gm and the 320gm mullet beached by Rhys Watts.
NEW member James Southwick won the Saltburn club's moonlighter match with four pouting and two rockling for 4lb 1.25oz.
POUT, bib or pouting it's the same fish, depending on where you live.
Vic's fun throttle d t ll lt i IT'S not all sultry posing and pouting at New York fashion week - Victoria Beckham managed to squeeze in a few LOLs as well.