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pout about (someone or something)

To sulk about someone or something; to exhibit a sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor because of someone or something. It won't do you any good to pout about losing your job. You need to stop pouting about Sally and start going on dates again. What on Earth is he pouting about now?
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pout around

To sulk around (some place); to have a prolonged sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor (while in some place). Look, breakups are tough, but you need to stop pouting around the house and go outside or something. Pouting around all day isn't going to fix anything, so I suggest you adjust your attitude.
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pout about someone or something

to be sullen about someone or something. There is no need to pout about the cat. She'll come back. Sally is pouting about her lost dog.
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"David, we love 'ew!" shouted one woman from the balcony, upon which he swivelled around in his chair, made a phone shape with his hand and poutily mouthed the words, "Call me" to everyone's obvious delight.
It was predictable, for instance, that the publication earlier this year of Andrew Bacevich's latest study of the military-industrial complex, Washington Rules, would draw fresh choruses of 'we can't just retreat within our borders." Andrew Exum, impresario of counterinsurgency warfare at the Center for a New American Security, poutily suggested that Bacevich just come out and own up to being an isolationist.
South went Duncan's face, his bottom lip jutting out poutily as he huffed air like a knackered lilo and those coal black eyes glowered in a way that seemed to infer: "Dance while you can Mr Barry Banana, but don't forget I can have you killed with just a click of my fingers."
On the way to away games I sat in the back of the bus reading while the rest of the squad acted like girls were supposed to: Geena traded raunchy insults with the football players, Violeta and April gave each other makeovers, Tien stared into space, and Jesse perched seductively on somebody's lap until one of the coaches made her get up and saunter poutily to sit with the rest of us.
But at least the birthday boy looks as if he's having a good time when Geri poutily sings Happy Birthday to him a la Marilyn Monroe.