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pout about (someone or something)

To sulk about someone or something; to exhibit a sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor because of someone or something. It won't do you any good to pout about losing your job. You need to stop pouting about Sally and start going on dates again. What on Earth is he pouting about now?
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pout around

To sulk around (some place); to have a prolonged sullen or gloomy expression, attitude, or demeanor (while in some place). Look, breakups are tough, but you need to stop pouting around the house and go outside or something. Pouting around all day isn't going to fix anything, so I suggest you adjust your attitude.
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pout about someone or something

to be sullen about someone or something. There is no need to pout about the cat. She'll come back. Sally is pouting about her lost dog.
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CUTLINE: (1) Conservation Commission member David Lewcon walks past a cottage being renovated at Pout Pond Saturday.
The eel-like pout fish lives at the bottom of the North Atlantic and is able to survive extremely low temperatures, due to a naturally occurring protein in its blood called an ice-structuring protein.
The former Spice Girls has been heavily criticised for her infamous pout and unwilling to smile in front of the cameras.
ESTABLISHED in 1958, Pout and Foster is a private limited company with its head office and main depot in Hartlepool and subsidiary depots in Sunderland and Darlington.
UXBRIDGE - Anger and accusations erupted recently between town officials and volunteers over a project to fix an erosion problem at the normally peaceful Pout Pond.
WITH a killer outfit and a smouldering pout, here's a whole new side to the usually shy Katie Holmes.
AS much as I love my weekly look at the nightclubbers of Huddersfield in Dave Cowan's fab photos in Fresh, I would like to advise the young ladies of this town that the silly "Facebook pout" pose does nothing for them!
The slightest hint of sparkle is flattering, though for a gloss this gives more of a subtle matte pout, so not for you if you like the full-on glossy look.
Richard Pout, who now lives in London, had planned to return to his home city after being diagnosed with a heart condition.
Pout's Flush Blush, pounds 20 (www.pout.co.uk), is available in eight subtle shades.
EVERY woman longs for the perfect pout.Big, full,kissable lips are the dream but very few of us are blessed with a movie-star style cupid's bow.
David Pout was found to have knowingly inflated sales figures in accounting records, in turn distorting profits, the Department of Trade and Industry said.
Paul Gascoigne has got everyone talking with his latest social media offering, showing off his trout pout in a unusual-looking selfie.
And big sister Tamara jumped in to defend her, claiming the plumped-up pout was down to a new lip liner and good genetics.
SINGLE mum Alia Byrne loves snogging the limelight with her trout pout look.