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Operators were required to perform the physically demanding task of manually moving a ladle into place and turning a hand crank to pour iron.
Delta-Therm nonrated and Class I rigid foam systems and Flexipol pour and spray foam systems are for applications such as reach-in coolers and freezers, display cases, flotation, ice machines, construction panels, refrigerated trucks, and picnic coolers.
General Mills introduces a new level of convenience in ready-to-spread frosting with Pour & Frost(TM) frosting.
Plant B pours a wide range of alloys, from the aluminum alloy 300 series to specialty alloys in the F3S series.
to upgrade the equipment it uses to pour gray and ductile iron castings, the firm had one goal--reduce variation and physical requirements.
1)--a manually-controlled machine that helps an operator move the ladle and pour molds.
As in previous pours, Lavoy's concrete pour is continuous, lasting approximately six days.
Available metal wave damping controls metal slosh in the ladle and enables faster mold pours.
massive amounts of entrained inclusions can actually block the filter and halt the flow of metal, resulting in short pours and/or misrun castings.
Three- or four-component phenolic foam machine meters, mixes and pours or sprays phenolics in viscosities from 5000 to 100,000 cps.
After bringing the melt to temperature and drossing, hexachloroethane tablets were added to the metal as a degassing agent and grain refiner, Gating systems for all initial pours were side-gated with bottom in-gates.
A digital timer can be used for exact-time pours of material.
Short pours create partial casting formation and shrink defects.