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EL series elastomer pouring machines work at temperatures to 265 F, provide high-vacuum degassing and outputs to 100 g/see at 1:1 ratio.
The bar molds should be inspected for mold quality prior to pouring to make sure that the mold has good compaction with an absence of loose sand or other defects.
This will make their pouring operation 100% automatic.
Navy representatives, Secret Service personnel, Northrop Grumman associates and several sailors from New York City gathered at Amite Foundry for the historical pouring event.
Material ratios from 1:1 to 100:1 and pouring rates from 1/2 to 300 lb/hr available.
The metal initially was placed into a vertically oriented ladle, which then moved horizontally to above the pouring basin and stopped.
TPiArcade had difficulty automating pouring using a traditional tilt-pour ladle because the robot was unable to duplicate the manual pouring process and avoid impurities that float to the top of the melt.
The well set points for both types of furnaces are the same at 1,300-1,550F (704-843C), but this depends on the temperature needed on the pouring lines.
of Italy include Series 2001-C low-pressure pouring systems for foams.
But for a green sand job shop, options for automatic pouring ladles were almost nonexistent.
Slingshot gun is available for either spraying or pouring PU foams and other two-component reactive polymers.
The pouring temperature was kept at 730C (1,346F), which is a 100C (212F) superheat.