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In fact, Blade by Menu aerates the wine so well that Eurofins named it the new winner in an independent test of the world's best decanting pourers.
Another improvement included having a new visual pouring point on the ingot, so the pourer can check the depth and consistency of the ingot.
For days before the first races, crowds feasted on the meat of oxen roasted on altar fires, sacrifices overseen by a priest and accompanied by a pourer of libations (wine offerings to the gods), dancers, and a flutist.
The lumberyard suddenly didn't have supplies, the concrete pourer was out of concrete, the housing inspector wouldn't come to inspect the site.
With a first-of-its-kind, patented pop-up pourer Olivari was able to seamlessly align its product packaging benefits with the end user's convenience and quality needs.
Tenders are invited for Modification in fixed foam pourer line of cone roof tank for testing arrangement of foam pourer.
Decant wine by the glass with the Aroma Aerating Pourer, which features an air intake system that aerates as you pour.
A non-drip feature of the pourer prevents drips after pouring.
CUTLINE: (1) Deb Hopkins and Diane Giampa (2) Virginia Vaughan and celebrity pourer Kate Halpin (3) Gerry Dufault and Heather MacCartney (4) Theresa Jackson, Katie Frazier and Esther Jones
A comet-like flash of inspiration created the clever design for this "Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools": aerator, pourer, filter, re-corker and stopper.
The pourer must line up the trajectory of the metal and maintain a constant stream throughout the pour.
I think most of it is done in a hand pourer rather than the old optics.
Today he has his own bar that also has a collection of accessories like a strainer, double jigger and a speed pourer.
These convert the cans into items as diverse as a soap dispenser, a sugar pourer, a vase and a desk tidy.
An avid home brewer, Prozanski volunteered as a pourer last weekend at the Sasquatch Brew Fest in Eugene.