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By using the robotic pourer's parameters as inputs, an artificial neural network regression model was able to predict the intensity levels of the 10 related sensory descriptors.
Aquarius was a Water Pourer under the name "The Great Constellation," perhaps because he represented Enki's chief priest.
The decanting pourer has inspired an entire series of Blade wine accessories including the decanting pourer, a vacuum pump, waiter's corkscrew and twist corkscrew.
Seattle-based Host Studios' deluxe aerator and pourer is a stylish bottle-top aerator that made from a clear acrylic.
Celebrity wine pourers were Christina Andrianopoulos, J.
If metal splash were to occur, the pourer could become startled, step back and fall, causing serious injury.
This Morning by Prestige oil & vinegar pourer pounds 20 (www.tesco.com, 0800 505 555)
His father worked as a coal miner, and a melter and pourer in a brass foundry in Birmingham, England.
Designed specifically for bartenders, ail three syrups have a liquor pour ventilated closure, which is designed for pouring 1 to 2 ounces at a time and is based on the flow characteristics of the traditional liquor pourer. Also new is FINEST CALL CAIPIRINHA, which eliminates the need for muddling lime and sugar by combining single-strength (never concentrated) lime juke and pure cane sugar in a shelf-stable mix.
IMMEDIATE AERATION - SpinWine Pourer (pounds 30 from www.aroundwine.co.uk) The SpinWine device consists of a small open cup where the wine circulates and goes through that normally laborious oxidation process in seconds.
Although his self-named winery is the first he's owned, Renzoni gained experience--and strong opinions--working in other local wineries, where he developed an aversion to the commonly used measured pourer. "Using measured pourers is a double-edged sword," he says.
TEA AND EASY: This kettle pourer takes the weight and makes sure you don't spill a drop
Tap your index and middle finger on the table to indicate another "hit" from your pourer.
Use a speed pourer and do a leisurely four-count, 1-2-3-4." Then add mixers to fill the glass or to taste.
Avoid it all together by using the Ball Pourer from Gilberts, the perfect antidote to shaky hands!