pour out on

pour out on (someone or something)

1. To flow or stream out (of or from something) and onto a person or thing. Water began pouring out on the ground from the spot where I hit the pipe with my shovel. Ice-cold air poured out on us through the crack in the window pane.
2. To cause a liquid or loose substance to flow or stream out (of or from something) and onto a person or thing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used either before or after "out." I poured out the soapy water on the road after I was done washing the car. Stop pouring water out on me, Sarah, or I'll tell Mom!
3. Of people, to leave the indoors and throng together in some open, outdoor space in great numbers and all at once. People poured out on the streets to protest the not-guilty verdict. It rains so often here that anytime the sun shows up, people pour out on the beach to soak it up while it lasts.
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pour something out on (to) someone or something

 and pour something out
to empty something onto someone or something. She poured the pitcher of ice water out onto Dave, making him scream. Sarah poured out the pitcher on the floor by accident.
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