pour into

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pour into (something or some place)

1. To flow or stream into some place or thing. You forgot to close the window last night and let the rain pour into the house! Sand poured into the room through the hole in the wall.
2. To cause a liquid or loose substance to flow into some receptacle. A noun or pronoun is used between "pour" and "into." Be sure to pour the leftover oil into a bottle or cup—we can use it again when we cook our next meal. The dump truck poured dirt into the large hole.
3. Of people, to throng together and enter into some place or thing in great numbers and all at once. A noun or pronoun is used between "pour" and "into." Customers kept pouring into the store to get some of their amazing deals during the flash sale. People from all over the state poured into the stadium to watch the football game.
4. To arrive all at once or in a continuous stream after being sent in great numbers into some place or thing. A noun or pronoun is used between "pour" and "into." Complaints and hate mail have been pouring into the studio ever since the news anchor's controversial remarks on the air. Applications poured into our offices once we posted the new job listing.
5. To dress oneself in some very tight-fitting piece of clothing. A reflexive pronoun is used between "pour" and "into." The starlet poured herself into the lacy dress and emerged from the dressing room to meet her adoring fans.
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pour something into something

 and pour something in
to guide a flow of liquid into something. She poured the lemonade into the pitcher and carried it to the porch. She held the glass and poured in the lemonade.
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Attempting to come to terms with this, she uses the limited time she has left at her job to pour herself into a closed case which she believes has been mishandled by a dismissive colleague.
Aptly titled aACAyWild aACAyn Sunny', the voluptuous star is expected to pour herself into a glittering golden costume and dance in a giant black cage on Friday, said local organiser Kanika Malkani, head of marketing and communications at the Premiere Production House Event.
With the help of baby oil and talc she managed to cover her thighs in burn marks which stayed there for weeks after she tried to pour herself into what looked like a size 8 balloon.
I mean being able to pour herself into those frocks and still look great at the age of 70.
After hours, just as many things can be said of that same Sister who's bold enough to pour herself into a sizzling crimson dress and step out for a night on the town: She's confident, outgoing and sexy, and more often than not, she's no stranger to the limelight.
But if her tweet is anything to go by, she did not go on a crash diet to pour herself into the festive gear.