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The envelope of the second or inner balloon, having nine thousand two hundred square feet of surface, weighed only about five hundred and ten pounds, or say eleven hundred and sixty pounds for both.
Him fella Sati buy 'm slop chest along plantation two tens pounds and one fella pound.
He had three hundred pounds to find on the twenty-fourth of the month, and twenty thousand pounds to find in February eighteen hundred and fifty.
A shot of 108 inches in diameter, and twelve inches in thickness, would weigh, in cast-iron, 67,440 pounds; cast in aluminum, its weight will be reduced to 19,250 pounds.
But the twenty pounds' worth of seed-corn had been planted in vain in the seductive green plot--all of it at least which had not been dispersed by the roadside--and Fred found himself close upon the term of payment with no money at command beyond the eighty pounds which he had deposited with his mother.
But I would wager four thousand pounds that such a journey, made under these conditions, is impossible.
I don't suppose anyone likes losing between three and four hundred pounds.
Oh, grandpapa, did you not say the colt sold for five pounds more than you expected?
S'pose you no like 'm pay three fella pound you stop along jail.
You'll get in, I'se uphaud - and your thirty pounds will get in, too.
An' the owners paid a fine tull the Government of a hundred pounds each for them.
Five hundred pounds is a good bit of money, though; isn't it, Moody?
Their mother had nothing, and their father only seven thousand pounds in his own disposal; for the remaining moiety of his first wife's fortune was also secured to her child, and he had only a life-interest in it.
Gamfield's most sanguine estimate of his finances could not raise them within full five pounds of the desired amount; and, in a species of arthimetical desperation, he was alternately cudgelling his brains and his donkey, when passing the workhouse, his eyes encountered the bill on the gate.
Besides this, she had a life-interest in ten thousand pounds more, which latter amount was to go, on her decease, to her aunt Eleanor, her father's only sister.