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A hamburger that weighs roughly four ounces (a quarter of a pound) before it is cooked. The phrase is best-known as the name of a hamburger served at McDonald's fast food restaurants. I think I'm going get a quarter-pounder for dinner tonight—what would you like?


n. an infantry soldier. (Military.) Do you really want to join the Army and be a gravel-pounder?


n. an infantry soldier. (Military.) If you join the army, it means a lot of your life spent as a ground-pounder.


n. a police officer; a cop on the beat. The pounder gave me a parking ticket.
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McDonald's said Tuesday that it is serving Quarter Pounders with fresh beef rather than frozen patties at about a quarter of its U.
The pounder remained like a sleeve over the half-sunk post for a few weeks while he recovered enough to help me lift it off and carry it back.
Suddenly new theory from Prof Derrick Pounder saying that he may have been killed from back of the head and this kind of a wound is rare in a war situation.
BIG DAY: Natalie Hutchinson and Robert Pounder, of Stockton are shown left and right, after their wedding at St Paul's Church.
Pounder hasn't written a simplistic do-it-yourself, "convergence in one easy lesson" book.
Mr Pounder, of Potter Place, Stanley, had been out celebrating in The Loft nightclub in Durham City in March for the birthday of a mutual friend of his and Longstaff.
Patrick Griffiths, prosecuting, said Pounder was a partner with David and Snape solicitors, in Bridgend, when he carried out the thefts between mid-1996 and the summer of 2003
Passing sentence, judge Michael Farmer QC told Pounder he had betrayed the trust of all those around him.
6 ounces, grew to the Quarter Pounder and then to the Arch Deluxe at nine ounces.
Local McDonald's restaurants will be showcasing three new varieties of the iconic Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger starting today in restaurants in the Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto area.
Daniel Pounder, of Sycamore Drive, Lightcliffe, offered to supply the Class A drug last October, but he ended up giving the test purchase officer his pounds 80 back because of a problem with the drug delivery.
Even the name of the big bruiser here--Mega Pounder tells you what Grayman Knives is all about.
Jonathan Pounder, lecturer in environmental conservation at East Durham College, said "In order to help the woodland develop further, the students will be working to clear out the pine trees now they have performed their task, so that the woodland can develop further.
A TEENAGER is today facing jail for killing Newcastle United fan Graeme Pounder in a onepunch attack.
Nicholas Pounder doubled his annual wage by stealing up to pounds 40,000 a year over six years from the accounts of two chronically-ill patients and a host of dead customers.