hammer into

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hammer (something) into (someone or something)

1. To strike something repeatedly, as or as if with a hammer, until it penetrates some person or thing. Next, you need to hammer these nails into the wall.
2. To commit some piece of information into one's or someone else's long-term memory, especially through intense repetition. How many times do I have to hammer it into you? Do not drive my car unless I give you permission first! I've just been trying to hammer these formulas into my head for the big test tomorrow!
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hammer something into something

 and pound something into something
hammer something in; pound something in Lit. to drive something into something as with a hammer. Todd hammered the spike into the beam. He hammered in the spike. He hammered it in with two hard blows.
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hammer into

1. To drive something through some surface by striking it with a hammer: The carpenter hammered a nail into the board.
2. To teach or inculcate something to someone by constant, intense repetition: The teacher hammered the multiplication tables into the pupils.
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