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1. slang To drink (something, especially alcohol) very quickly or all at once. You're going to make yourself sick if you keep pounding beers like that. I had to pound my coffee and race out the door in order to catch my bus.
2. slang To beat or assault (someone) very severely. If you ever come near my girlfriend again, I'll pound you!
3. vulgar slang To have intense penetrative sex (with someone). A: "Just look at the figure on that babe. I'd love to take her home and give her a pounding." B: "Shut up, Mike. You wouldn't have a chance."

pound it

slang An invitation to bump the knuckle side of one's clenched fist with someone else's, either as a greeting or in a cheerful or celebratory manner. The move is known as a "pound" or a "fist bump." So good to see you, buddy, pound it!
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1. tv. to drink something quickly. (see also pound a beer.) Dan said he could pound the cup of coffee in thirty seconds.
2. tv. to copulate [with] someone. He claims he pounded her all night. She says he snores.


n. dollars; money. (see also give one one’s pounds.) How many pounds does this thing cost?
See also: pound
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References in classic literature ?
'Tull error on fire-bars, sux pounds.' They'd been tull the shup an' MacPherson hod O.K.'d ut.
At Marseilles the owners wrut me: 'Tull extra work un engine-room, sux pounds. The engineer has O.K.'d ut, an' you have no O.K.'d ut.
He communed with himself for a moment, and then muttered indignantly: "Tull error on fire-bars, sux pounds."
Me managin' un all seas an' weather an' perils o' the deep a shup worth fufty thousand pounds, wuth cargoes ot times worth fufty thousand more--a hundred thousand pounds, half a million dollars uz the Yankees say, an' me wuth all the responsubility gettun' a screw o' twenty pounds a month.
His objections, in general, proved to be of the most trifling and technical kind, until he came to the clause relating to the twenty thousand pounds. Against this there were double lines drawn in red ink, and the following note was appended to them--
That is to say, not one farthing of the twenty thousand pounds was to go to Miss Halcombe, or to any other relative or friend of Lady Glyde's.
I wrote by that day's post, and put the case before him exactly as it stood, not only urging every argument I could think of to induce him to maintain the clause as I had drawn it, but stating to him plainly the mercenary motive which was at the bottom of the opposition to my settlement of the twenty thousand pounds. The knowledge of Sir Percival's affairs which I had necessarily gained when the provisions of the deed on HIS side were submitted in due course to my examination, had but too plainly informed me that the debts on his estate were enormous, and that his income, though nominally a large one, was virtually, for a man in his position, next to nothing.
If those two heavenly blessings were offered in exchange for such an earthly trifle as a remote chance of twenty thousand pounds, was it not a fair bargain?
"Twenty thousand pounds is rather a large sum to be given up by the lady's friends at two days' notice," I said.
In the case of any other client I should have acted on my instructions, however personally distasteful to me, and have given up the point about the twenty thousand pounds on the spot.
Sources sa e had budg eted pounds 35,000 for her stylish mix of high street and high fashion.
The show was generously sponsored by Allflex Tags and Pfizer and, prior to the sale, the judge Mr Dennis Musgrave, Cardew Hall farm, Dalston awarded the overall championship to Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm, Shap whose superb black Limousin cross 10 month old steer went on to make pounds 1300 and was purchased by Mr Cheacker, Bristol.
High Low Funds Price Var Consols pounds 1001132 pounds 761132 Cons 4% ...................
September 25.2011 For all the latest O AGER A YOU THE MANAGER FANTASY FOOTBALL The Fantasy Game that's sy pounds 150,000 not for armchair fans!
Tote: win pounds 21.20 places pounds 5.90 pounds 2.00 pounds 2.00 Tote Exacta: pounds 123.50 CSF: pounds 85.88 2.30 1 NOBLE CITIZEN (USA) Martin Lane (33-1) 2 Lutine Bell (16-1) 3 Mac's Power (IRE) (9-2).