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pounce at

1. To physically leap or jump at (someone or something). I can't believe your cat pounced at my face! All I was doing was trying to rub its belly. Sarah could barely keep herself from pouncing at her boyfriend as he got off the train from Toronto.
2. To seize or take advantage of (something, such as a chance or opportunity) with great alacrity or enthusiasm. I understand wanting to weigh your options, but I think you'd be a fool not to pounce at the job they've offered you. I saw an opening where I might score a goal, so I pounced at it and took the shot!
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pounce at the death

sports To secure an equalising goal at the final moment of the match and so avoid defeat. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. But it was O'Grady who was destined to be the star of the match, pouncing at death in the 92nd minute of the match to equalise with the English squad and keep Ireland's tournament hopes alive.
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pounce (up)on someone or something

to spring or swoop upon someone or something; to seize someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) As Gerald came into the room, his friend Daniel pounced on him and frightened him to death. The cat pounced upon a mouse.
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pounce on

1. To jump, leap, or bound onto something or someone: The cat pounced on the mouse and killed it. We saw a falcon pounce on a rabbit.
2. To criticize or attack someone verbally: He suddenly pounced on me for not returning his book.
3. To take advantage of something enthusiastically, as an opportunity; jump at something: She pounced on the chance to move to New York and go to law school.
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Producers of needless knickknacks everywhere are pouncing at the chance to cash in on Pope-mania.
Preparatory cartoons are drawings on paper used to transfer images to prepared painting or drawing surfaces through pricking and pouncing (spolvero) or incising (calco).
He and his colleagues have videotaped a frog hopping over to Roborana, pouncing on top of the robot, and swiping at the vocal sac.
The kitten with the pink identification label was hard to miss - she bounced from one side of the cage that she shared with her mother and about a half-dozen siblings and then back again, pouncing on things visible only to her tiny gray eyes.
The Paisley-based police team tracked Bennett before pouncing on Bow as he waited to collect his burger order.
Because of the rather narrow limits apparently set by director Colin Graham, Brandstrup's choreography has less impact and individuality than in his own works, where he incorporates gesture and narrative in well-defined nuances of movement within a pouncing, pantherlike flow.
Furry nestled lion cubs turn into a furious tangle of chasing, pouncing, ear gnawing, and tail chomping.
CULPRIT Seals are pouncing RUINED Fisherman in Dingle, Co Kerry, display the catch which was spoiled by seals yesterday
Place spiny plants such as holly or an uncomfortable surface around the base of the bird table to stop cats sitting underneath and pouncing.
Nevertheless a current surfaces, the "scientific" approach, based upon the newer technical and technological tools, like infrared reflectography and the study of pouncing, which also mirror an interest in techniques, as the kinds and combinations of instruments used by the artist to produce his drawing, for example.